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Ding Liren Scripts History; Becomes First Chinese To Become World Chess Champion

Ding Liren becomes the first Chess player from China to become the World Chess Champion as he has defeated Ian Nepomniachtchi from Russia

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Anirban Sarkar
Ding Liren


Ding Liren has got the better of Ian Nepomniachtchi in World Championship to become the World Champion. Liren has replaced Magnus Carlsen, who was the World Champion since 2013. He is the first Chess player from China to achieve this glorious feat.

As the game tied at 7-7, a tiebreaker had to be arranged, where Liren emerged as the winner. After this epic chess match, he said, "I'm quite relieved. The moment Ian resined the game was a very emotional moment. I couldn't control my feelings. I know myself, I will cry and burst into tears. It was a tough tournament for me. I would like to thank my friends."


Ian Nepomniachtchi insisted he should have been more cautious while competing in the game. "Today I should have used my advantage in the second game more carefully. There was a great position. And the fourth game was very difficult; Black had the initiative. But it happens. We both had little time. I could not imagine that this position could be lost, but as it turned out, it can."

He went on, "A tie-break is always some sort of a lottery, especially after a fourteen-game match. Probably my opponent made less mistakes, so that's it."

Former world champion Viswanathan Anand congratulated Liren on this historic occasion. He tweeted, "it's impossible to praise both players enough. Even today, they went at it with full energy and the 4th game was so draining. However, Ding survived so many setbacks and saves his best for last!


"Nepo deserved more, and this match was so thrilling because he was one of the two players. Someone had to lose and sadly for Ian, it was him.


"Congratulations to Ding Liren, the first Chinese World Champion!"