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'I Am Just In Shock, Absolutely Shattered': Bray Wyatt's Death Shocks The Wrestling World

The entire wrestling world is in a state of shock and disbelief over the news of WWE superstar Bray Wyatt's death. The wrestler passed away at the age of 36.

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'I am just in shock, Absolutely Shattered': Bray Wyatt's death shocks the wrestling world

Bray Wyatt dies of Heart Attack (Image: AP)

The WWE universe is grieving over the untimely death of Bray Wyatt, who passed away unexpectedly today, at the age of 36. He was one of the most popular superstars in the current roster and was out of action for quite a while. As he represented some enigmatic gimmicks in the WWE, a sudden return was seen as a likely possibility, but instead what came has shaken the entire world.

3 things you need to know

  • His last in-ring feud was with LA Knight
  • Bray Wyatt made his debut in WWE in 2009
  • Bray Wyatt died at the age of 36

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Brayy Wyatt dies at the age of 36

Touted as one of the most creative minds of the industry, Bray Wyatt was able to portray three gimmicks in his WWE career. He made his debut in 2009 and soon became a revelation first with the Nexus and then with his faction, The Wyatt Family. After the group disabled, he was re-branded, which elevated his stature as a superstar worldwide. As The Fiend, Bray Wyatt dominated the circuit. He was pushed to the moon, and he eventually captured the WWE title by beating Seth Rollins. Following a feud with Randy Orton, where he was burned live on TV, he went into a hiatus and came back in 2022, initiating the onset of a new side of Bray Wyatt, which had an alter ego Uncle Howdy by his side. The character could not have a long run and following a feud with LA Knight, Wyatt disappeared again, this time forever. As the Eater of the Worlds, he will definitely have "the whole world in his hands" now.

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WWE superstars mouns the death of Bray Wyatt

The news has shocked the entire wrestling federation, and members of the fraternity are mourning the death of Windham Rotunda. WWE creative head Triple H broke the news to the world, and following that the internet space is filling up with mourning messages. From The Rock to Mick Foley, all have paid their respect to Bray Wyatt. 

Just as the tagline of WWE days, "Then, Now, Forever", Bray Wyatt will continue to live in the hearts of WWE fans forever. RIP Windham Rotunda.