Iconic WWE Superstars Who Won Hearts And Made Our Childhood Memorable

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While a new generation of WWE wrestlers are emerging, the mantle only gets passed but the superstardom title and era will always stand out with the 90s kids

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If you were born in the 1990s, you more probably than not - spent multiple hours watching WWE. The wrestling show has gained a loyal fanbase over the years with its polarising characters and interesting storylines. While a new generation of WWE Superstars emerging, the mantle is only being passed and the headliners of the days gone by will always have a special place in our hearts. In this article, five such superstars who made their impact on the WWE and our childhood are listed. 

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Eddie Guerrero

The 'Latino Heat' Eddie Guerrero was one of the most influential WWE Superstars in the 2000s. Eddie came into his own in the 2000s where he finally started getting the limelight for his amazing abilities. The Lying, Cheating, Stealing duo of Chavo and Eddie was a treat to watch on the mic and in the ring. Eddie never got a World Championship until No Way Out 2004 where he defeated Brock Lesnar and got an emotional victory he could only dream of. His career came to an end with his untimely death in 2005. He is still missed by his legions of fans.

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Triple H

'The Game' has been a force to reckon with since the 2000s. He got his start as the dominant wrestler and his iconic entrance only added to how memorable his character became. He is a 14-time world champion who is still as lethal as he was when he first stepped into the ring. His tag-team with Shawn Michaels, The Generation-X (DX), only added to his popularity as the duo were more like brothers than partners.

Rey Mysterio

'The Greatest Underdog' Rey Mysterio entered the WWE in 2002 while having legions of fans who loved him from his WCW days. His iconic mask became a fan-favourite as the little man ended up attracting torrents of fans who loved him for his righteous personality and never-give-up attitude. While Rey Mysterio has held a lot of mid-card belts, his greatest triumphs came at events like Wrestlemania 22 where he won the World Heavyweight Championship. Rey won the belt for the second time in 2010 and even won the WWE Championship in 2011, although only for two hours.

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Randy Orton

'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton entered the WWE and took it by a storm. His famous finishing move, 'RKO', has spawned millions of fans and memes. Although Randy has been the mean guy for most of his career, he still has had a great amount of appreciation from fans. He has had 13 World Championship reigns and is the youngest world heavyweight champion as he won the now-defunct title when he was 24.

John Cena

Perhaps the easiest to recognize name in this list, John Cena has been the poster boy for the WWE for almost two decades now. Although the actor is now a part-timer who is focusing more on his Hollywood career, Cena was a defining force for the WWE in the 2000s. He entered as a wrestler with 'Ruthless Aggression' and he then transformed into his 'Doctor of Thuganomics' phase where he was an entertaining rapper on the mic. He finally became 'The Champ' who was the face of all things good as he held true to his core values of 'Hustle.Loyalty.Respect.' Cena became more family-friendly as time went by and became more of a superhero figure in the roster. You can still see kids and adults rocking his iconic t-shirts which the WWE sells bucketloads of. Cena is a 16-time World Champion and may just end up holding another one when he gets relieved from his Hollywood duties. 

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