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LeBron James Has Witty Reaction On Twitter To Tom Brady's 7th Super Bowl Win Over Chiefs

Super Bowl 2021: Los Angeles Lakers icon LeBron James celebrated Tom Brady's victory on Twitter, praising the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' defence in the process.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Cheifs in a lopsided 31-9 Super Bowl encounter on Sunday, which gave Tom Brady winning his seventh Lombardi Trophy. Not only is it the most by any player in the league, but it is also more than any other NFL team has won. While this is Tampa Bay's second title since 2002, it is the first time a team has won the Super Bowl at their home venue.

The Bucs' victory, which also won Brady his record fifth Super Bowl MVP award, was celebrated pompously with fans enjoying offline and online. Brady, Patrick Mahomes and Super Bowl trended on Twitter, as the Chiefs were held back by Todd Bowles' defence. However, along with fans, celebrities also celebrated the Super Bowl, which included NBA icon LeBron James – who seemed ecstatic at Brady's Super Bowl victory.  

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LeBron James celebrates Tom Brady Super Bowl win on Twitter

"The WHOLE defense should get the MVP of the game," James wrote in his first tweet, praising Bowles' defence like many others. While Tampa Bay's offence was dominating, their defence limited Mahomes with three sacks, eight QB hurries and two interceptions. For the first time in 34 games, Mahomes finished without a touchdown with 26 of 49 passing with 270 passing yards and 33 yards rushing. 

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Super Bowl 2021 result: LeBron was the happiest for Brady's seventh title

"Brady 7 piece nugget!!!" James added next, clearly happy about the 43-year-old's seventh title. He tagged Brady, after which he added the 'Washed Goat' hashtag. Brady, currently at the tail end of his career, was under scrutiny this entire season. He struggled to start with the Bucs early on, having people talk about his career and decision to leave the New England Patriots. 

James, 36, was also subjected to the same doubts after he moved to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018. James missed the playoffs for the first time in years, only to bag his fourth career title in 2020. The Lakers won for the first time after a decade, earning King James the GOAT title by many. 

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A few minutes later, he referred to the team as "Tompa Bay", a clever mash on Tom and Tampa. Later, James himself mentioned the GOAT title, which is being linked to Brady for ages. Both James and Brady have been linked with the term 'washed up', both due to their ages and some losses.

Super Bowl 2021 live score

Brady himself played a flawless game, finishing 21-of-29 for 201 yards and three TDs. The Bucs defence won them the game, limiting the Chiefs – the NFL's best offence this season – to nine points. The Bucs were somewhat underdogs this season, winning the wild card game and trumping Green Bay Packers to reach the Super Bowl. 

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