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Lewis Hamilton Lashes Out At F1 Community For Silence Over George Floyd's Death

Lewis Hamilton has lashed out at the F1 community for their silence on their on the death of George Floyd and has expressed his support for peaceful protests.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has hit out the Formula 1 community's silence over the George Floyd death news making headlines. 'Black Lives Matter' demonstrations are taking place around the world after George Floyd died, having had a knee pressed into his neck by white police officer Derek Chauvin last Monday. Lewis Hamilton has lashed out at his fellow F1 compatriots and has called for racial diversity in the racing community. 

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George Floyd death scene: Lewis Hamilton slams the F1 community for their silence over George Floyd's death; asks for racial diversity

Lewis Hamilton has offered a damning condemnation of the F1 community and has offered his thoughts on the George Floyd death scene. In an Instagram post on Sunday, the six-time world champion said that no one from the F1 community has raised their voice in support for George Floyd. Lewis Hamilton added that he is the only one of colour in what is a white-dominated sport and said that he hoped that the F1 community would stand alongside them.

The defending world champion added that he knows who they are and has an eye on them while saying that he stands alone to fight for the George Floyd death scene from F1. Hamilton earlier had spoken about the lack of racial diversity in F1, suggesting that he's the only 'black' driver in Formula 1 since breaking out on the scene in 2008. 


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George Floyd death scene: Lewis Hamilton calls for leaders to make a change

Lewis Hamilton also backed people who are protesting peacefully in the wake of the George Floyd death scene and has added that he does not stand by looting and vandalism. The six-time world champion added that for the situation to improve, the leaders need to take a call to make a change. Lewis Hamilton added that the situation does not only pertain to the USA but has spread over in the UK, Italy, Spain and other parts of the world. He added that the way minorities are treated in every country needs to change and the education system has to teach that everyone is the same. Lewis Hamilton added that nobody is born racist in their heart and it is taught by people who are looked up to. 

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Lebron James backs peaceful protests over George Floyd's killing 

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has also backed peaceful protests in the wake of the brutal killing of George Floyd. The NBA star continued to voice his support for the protests and has time and against used his social media accounts to support the Black Lives matter movement. LeBron James was one of the first to draw attention to the police brutality, by sharing a picture of Floyd being pinned down by the officer alongside a picture of former NFL star Colin Kaepernick kneeling to the national anthem. The Lakers star has also shared messages from the likes of American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Killer Mike and Jalen Rose, who have expressed their support for the protests. 

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