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Skip Bayless Slammed For Insensitive Assessment Of Dak Prescott's Depression Struggles

Skip Bayless's insensitive assessment of Dak Prescott opening up on his mental health problems was slammed by fellow media professionals and athletes.

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Sports columnist Skip Bayless endured the wrath of social media for his 'lack of sympathy' towards Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott's struggles with depression. On Wednesday, Dak Prescott revealed on In Depth with Graham Bensinger that the past few months have been extremely difficult for him where he struggled with anxiety, depression and sleeplessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prescott revealed his issues only intensified after his brother, Jace, committed suicide in April. 

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Skip Bayless on Dak Prescott mental health problems

The host of Fox Sports' show Undisputed, Skip Bayless, absolutely ripped the Cowboys star for going public with his struggles. "I have deep compassion for clinical depression, but when it comes to the quarterback of an NFL team, you know this better than I do, it’s the ultimate leadership position in sports, am I right about that?” Bayless told on Thursday's episode of Undisputed. “You are commanding an entire franchise… And they’re all looking to you to be their CEO, to be in charge of the football team."

The 68-year-old went on to claim that he has no sympathy for Dak Prescott, especially considering he is the face of America's leading NFL franchise. "If you reveal publicly any little weakness, it can affect your team’s ability to believe in you in the toughest spots, and it definitely can encourage others on the other side to come after you."

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Bayless' apparently insensitive assessment was condemned by Fox Sports, who released a statement on Thursday, saying they are "proud of Dak Prescott for publicly revealing his struggle with depression and mental health."

The publication said Prescott showed "tremendous courage" which is a prime example of his leadership with the Dallas Cowboys. "We do not agree with Skip Bayless’ opinion on Undisputed this morning. We have addressed the significance of this matter with Skip and how his insensitive comments were received by people internally at FOX Sports and our audience.”

Likewise, Bayless' comments were not taken kindly by fellow media professionals and athletes. The likes of Kevin Love, Kendrick Perkins, Rex Chapman, Kavon Frazier, Dez Bryant, Torrey Smith and Solomon Thomas slammed Bayless on social media for his comments. 

Kevin Love's Twitter thread explains how Dak Prescott showed courage by opening up on his struggles: 

Dak and Tad Prescott respond to Skip Bayless' reckless take

Dak Prescott's brother, Tad, also blasted Bayless on social media, explaining how his brother openly talking about depression can lead an entire generation of men and women to talk about their issues and fell "less alone" while enduring the same. 

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