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SpiceJet Plane With Mary Kom & Indian Team Forced To Cite Fuel Emergency To Land In Dubai

A SpiceJet flight ferrying a contingent of the Indian boxing team, including Mary Kom, reported a fuel emergency to land at the Dubai airport on Saturday


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In the latest development, a SpiceJet flight ferrying a contingent of the Indian boxing team, including Mary Kom, reported a fuel emergency while landing at the Dubai airport on Saturday. As per sources, the fuel emergency landing report was made after confusion prevailed over the scheduled landing of the flight. The pilots of the aircraft reported a shortage of fuel to the ATC, following which it was allowed to land, after a 30-minute delay. After that, the crew and passengers cleared the immigration process and the entire incident was brought to the notice of DGCA. A probe has been ordered, as per reports.

Flight carrying Indian boxing team reports fuel emergency; landing in Dubai

Why did SpiceJet flight to Dubai report fuel emergency landing? Airline issues statement

Issuing a statement on the incident, a SpiceJet spokesperson said that the flight had commenced its journey from Delhi to Dubai and was carrying a contingent of the Indian boxing team. The spokesperson informed that the flight had landed safely and that all passengers had cleared immigration. The SpiceJet spokesperson also categorically stated that the flight was not filed as a cargo flight and that such information was wrong. Further, the spokesperson stated that the flight was a regular passenger aircraft under the Air Bubble agreement and that the same flight was ferrying back passengers to India in its return leg. 

Mary Kom says Tokyo Olympics 2021 will be her last

Ahead of the upcoming 2022 Summer Games, India's ace boxer Mary Kom has said that the Tokyo Olympics will be her last appearance at the marquee event. Mary Kom, who won the bronze in the 2012 Olympics, pointed out the age limit barrier which restricts her from qualifying for the Olympics. Re-visiting her achievement in the 2012 Summer Games, Kom had expressed that her career would be 'diminished' if she hadn't participated in the prestigious Olympics. 

"Tokyo will be my last Olympics. Age matters here. I am 38 now, going on 39. Four (three) more years is a long time," Mary Kom told the Olympic Channel.

Initially, 40 was set at the age limit for participation in the Tokyo Olympics which was slated to be held in 2020, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the age limit had been extended to 41. Having turned 38 this March, Mary Kom will be over the current limit by the time the next Olympics in Paris 2024 rolls around.

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