How The Rock Added The Word 'SmackDown' Into The English Dictionary!

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The Rock is well known for many talents and recently posted a video on IGTV that shows when he coined the word 'SmackDown' which went into the dictionary!

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Dwayne Johnson is a man of many talents. Famously known as The Rock, Johnson started his career in the WWE as a professional wrestler and had a remarkably successful run since the mid-90s. Come the late 2000s and he decided to venture into films and business and has been doing significantly well ever since. The Rock often makes surprise comebacks in the WWE just to surprise his fans every now and then.

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How ‘The Rock’ added a word into the English dictionary!

Recently, The Rock made a return to SmackDown where he was welcomed with loud applause and cheers from wrestling fans. He delivered his signature style of ambush to the 'King of the Ring' winner for trash-talking with him. The Rock has always been an integral part of the WWE’s history. Recently, he posted a video on Instagram’s IGTV which surprised not only the WWE universe, but also his entire fanbase in general.

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When The Rock was a frequent wrestler in the WWE, he wrestled UFC champion Ken Shamrock in the ring. On one instance during a pre-match interview, The Rock trash talked about his opponent. One of his many trash talks in the past made history as he immortalised and coined the word ‘SmackDown’.

In the interview, The Rock tells his opponent that he would smack him down. From that day onwards, the word ‘Smackdown’ was something that has stuck with the WWE.


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The English dictionary too recognises ‘SmackDown’ as a word and has a justified definition for the same. Recently, The Rock posted a video on Instagram IGTW, in which he is seen expressing awe and admiration on finding out about this. The video also has a clip which shows him using the term for the first time.

This video has been released just a few days after The Rock made his comeback in the WWE SmackDown.

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