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Why Does Everyone Boo The NFL Commissioner? Animosity For Roger Goodell Or NFL Tradition?

NFL Draft 2020 saw Roger Goodell try his best to maintain the NFL tradition of fans booing him. Here's a look at why does everyone boo the NFL commissioner.

why does everyone boo the nfl commissioner

The virtual setup of the NFL Draft 2020 meant NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was not welcomed on the stage by a chorus of boos. In what is now considered an NFL tradition, Roger Goodell did his best to host the 2020 Draft in a fashion as close to possible as the other years. The NFL commissioner invited a host of fans via a Zoom call from his basement, who showered him with boos before he could proceed with the draft. Former New York Giants star Michael Strahan even joined in the virtual heckling of the commissioner, giving it a nice and familiar touch.

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Aside from the hardcore NFL fanbase, not many understand why does everyone boo the NFL commissioner. Fans flocked to social media, asking the question, 'Why does everyone boo the NFL commissioner?'

Why does everyone boo the NFL commissioner?

Before delving into some of the roots behind the bizarre tradition, it is important to note that Roger Goodell was not the only commissioner to be booed during the NFL draft. His predecessors endured a similar experience in the past. However, it should also be noted that Goodell has been booed by fans like never before. In fact, Goodell has reportedly been booed by fans at the stadium during games as well his other public appearances.

Getting into the reasons behind why does everyone boo the NFL commissioner, over the years, the NFL commissioner has become the public face of the NFL and with everything going wrong with the league, fans usually vent their frustrations towards the commissioner. This is particularly true in relation to the other leagues in the United States such as NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who was also booed by fans.

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That being said, in recent years, Roger Goodell has shrouded himself in the negative limelight and fans have blamed him for everything wrong with the league. Fans even make fun of the various rules laid down by Goodell branding the NFL - No Fun League. While Goodell is not solely to blame, fans and experts believe that under his leadership, the NFL has failed to deal with the various on-field scandals like Deflategate, Bountygate and Spygate. Goodell was criticised for the handling of the issues involving CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy - a crippling brain disease) in 2016. Roger Goodell was even accused of knowing about the dangers of CTE for years but he tried to cover it up. 

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How did Roger Goodell become NFL commissioner? Roger Goodell Salary

Goodell assumed the position as the NFL commissioner in 2006 and succeeded Paul Tagliabue as the new public face of the NFL. His last reported salary was $31.9 million in 2015. However, in 2017 he agreed to a new contract with the league worth a reported $200 million including incentives.  Over the years has done well to deal with the boos, which has now turned into an NFL tradition. Goodell even partnered with Bud Light Seltzer to keep the tradition intact while also raising funds for COVID-relief.

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