WWE: Best Matches Of All Time In World Championship Category

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Here are the best Championship clashes in WWE. These classic matches haven't lost their entertainment value over the years and are still remembered by fans

Written By Akhil Nambiar | Mumbai | Updated On:

Filled with rivalry, one-upmanship, sneak moves and flairs, the WWE Championships matches haven't lost their entertainment value over the years. Here are the three best of the WWE World Championships.

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John Cena vs Rey Mysterio

2011 was a tumultuous time in WWE, with every week springing a new champion. Monday nights were eagerly awaited by many fans to see who will take the title this time. The match on July 25, 2011, is still remembered by many fans as Rey Mysterio defended his title, which he had won at the beginning of the show against John Cena.  

The face-off saw Mysterio put up a fantastic fight against Cena and throw everything in his kitty against the heavyweight before being knocked out by Cena out of nowhere. What was heartwarming was that after the match, Cena shook Mysterio's hand in appreciation and respect for the hero of WWE Hall of Fame.

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Edge vs Ric Flair

In 2006, Edge had become the WWE Champion by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract, much to the outrage of fans who saw him as a fluke champion. In the coming days, it became clear that he wouldn't be accepted a winner till he legitimately won it in the ring. The clash would soon come when Edge went up against Ric Flair for the Intercontinental Championship. Though he got disqualified, Edge was challenged by Flair for a rematch.

The two heavyweights would meet in the ring eight days later, where they would clash in a TLC match – which was right in Edge's wheelhouse. The fight is memorable for the sheer viciousness with which the 56-year-old Flair fought against Edge, almost taking down the champion. As the Nature Boy ascended the ladder towards the title, Edge's girl Lita thwarted him. Eventually, Edge would prevail and walk away as the winner.

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2017 bout for Universal Championship

The 2017 Summerslam is where Brock Lesnar defended his Universal Championship title against three vicious opponents – Roman Reign, Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman. Among all three, only Strowman could match Lesnar's calibre. As the match began, Strownman brutalised Lesnar, putting him through tables and even upending on on him. Lesnar left the ring in a stretcher. You would think that would end the match, but no! An injured Lesnar came back to slam Reign with an F5 to retain his Universal Championship. 

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