WWE Heavyweight Championship, Best Matches: Edge V Undertaker And More

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The heavyweight title in WWE once held a significant place The matches for this title were some of the fondest matches for WWE fans. Here are the top 4 matches.

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship is a special title for the WWE fans across the globe. From the matches at WrestleMania to Summer Slam, this title holds a lot of prestige. Here are four title matches that left a lasting impact on WWE fans. 

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WWE: Top 4 Heavyweight Championship matches

Edge vs The Undertaker - TLC Match (One Night Stand 2008)

With Edge holding the title and The Undertaker winning the Elimination Chamber match to earn a title shot at Wrestlemania, the stage was set for the showdown between two superstars who were undefeated at Wrestlemania. For Edge, it was a chance to prove that he could end the legendary streak. For Undertaker, it was all about regaining his glory. A spear followed, which was countered into a Hell's Gate submission, giving Undertaker his second successive World Title victory at Wrestlemania.

Triple H vs Booker T vs Chris Jericho vs Kane vs Rob Van Dam vs Shawn Michaels - Elimination Chamber (Survivor Series 2002)

The moment the first-ever Elimination Chamber match was announced, the whole wrestling world went into a frenzy. World champion Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, RVD, Kane and Chris Jericho knew that they would create history. The six competitors nearly beat each other to death, with Triple H receiving the maximum amount of beating. A botched frog splash from the top rope legitimately injured Triple H's larynx. Thirty-nine minutes and a lot of blood loss is what it took for Shawn Michaels to pin Triple H to win his fourth World Title.

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Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk - TLC Match (Summerslam 2009)

After two world title matches, the second of which saw Hardy regain the title, a match was scheduled between the two for Summerslam 2009. Punk's Money in the Bank cash-in over Hardy gave him this opportunity. Given the main event slot, the two took full advantage of the opportunity given to them and wrestled with one of the best TLC matches in recent memories. After 21 full minutes, Punk put the nail in Hardy's WWE career as he knocked him down and unhooked the title belt.

Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels - Ladder Match (No Mercy 2008)

When everyone thought that they had witnessed the end of this Feud of the Year with the sensational Unsanctioned Match at Unforgiven, things took an unexpected turn for the good. Not only did Jericho become the World Heavyweight Champion, but Michaels also became the No 1 contender for his title. Given the main event slot, these two sworn enemies battered and broke each other for a good 22 minutes. The ending sequence was also perfectly executed, with both superstars holding an end of the title belt before Jericho knocked down Michaels, took possession of the belt and brought an end to this rivalry.

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