WWE RAW: Charlotte Flair's Toughest In-ring Competitors In The WWE

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WWE Raw: Charlotte is an immensely popular wrestler. Let's take a look at the women who came close to shutting down the queen of women's division in the ring.

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Charlotte Flair is on her way to greatness and a legend in the making. Infact, she’s almost there already. The daughter of legendary Nature Boy ‘Ric Flair’ has come a long way in her WWE career. From making a successful NXT debut to becoming a 10 time women’s champion, and a record 146 days’ title reign in the women’s division, Flair has made rapid strides in the WWE.

She has everything that one would look out for in a star. Athleticism, charisma aside, she is always red carper ready. She plays her character beautifully and always has a story to tell. She is undoubtedly one the biggest stars in women's section of the WWE.

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The Charlotte Evolution

Flair's evolution began in the WWE’s developmental territory NXT as part of the Four Horsewomen. She transitioned to the main roster and showed the world that she is far more than a five-foot-ten blond woman who could simply trade on her father’s fame. She also claims to be genetically superior to most women on the roster. Having said that, let us look at who in the current roster has decimated the Queen of the Women’s Division.

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When Ronda Rousey Was Considered The Only Legitimate Threat To Charlotte Flair

Ronda Rousey went toe-to-toe against Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series last year. Ronda, who was then undefeated went into the fight with hopes of submitting the Queen with her famous armbar. Given Rousey’s MMA background, many believed that Ronda would give her a beating the fans have never seen before. During the match, Charlotte managed to escape Ronda thereby getting herself disqualified. Ronda Rousey is currently on a hiatus, and while there are no official reports on her return date, there are rumours that claim Ronda will be back in the company very soon. It will be interesting to watch Ronda continue her rivalry with Flair in the future.

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Charlotte Flair has also had major rivalries with the likes of Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in the past. Both women managed to put up a competitive battles against Flair proving themselves to be serious contenders in the ring. Both Sasha and Becky are riding high in WWE right now. Lynch is the current RAW Women's champion and Sasha is all set to take her on at the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV for the title.

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