WWE SmackDown Update: Rowan Defeats Bryan, Kofi Talks About Lesnar

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Tuesday night WWE SmackDown started with Erick Rowan coming to the ring and talking about the punishment he delivered to his rival Daniel Bryan last week

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September24: Tuesday night SmackDown started with Erick Rowan coming to the ring and talking about the "punishment" he delivered to his rival Daniel Bryan last week. He then went on to demand Bryan’s respect for beating him. Bryan has since come out and admitted that if Eric wants respect, he has to beat him in a one-on-one match. Apart from that, the Tuesday night SmackDown was filled with great fights and upcoming opportunities.

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Key matches and moments from September 24, on SmackDown:

Eric Rowan vs Daniel Bryan

The match started with Rowan taking control of the match and ending the first half by hitting a powerbomb. After the commercial break, Bryan took help of the ring post to damage Rowan’s knee but he again failed as Rowan delivered a Fallaway Slam and a bearhug. In the later part of the match, Daniel locked Erick in the LaBell lock, but Eric got out before Daniel sent him flying into the announce table. Eric Rowan then delivered two Iron Claws in the ring and got the three-count win.

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Kofi talks about Brock Lesnar and the upcoming match

Current WWE champion Kofi Kingston was being interviewed by Michael Cole, where he was shown a video of Brock Lesnar and his rise in WWE. The video ended with a clip from last week’s SmackDown, where Lesnar delivered an F5 to Kingston.  After watching the video Kofi said that he is in the prime of his career, and teased that the coming week will be really important for him and the WWE universe. He then went on to reveal that he won't let Brock steal his spotlight.

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Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ali

Since the start of the match, Ali did everything he could to overcome Shinsuke Nakamura. Despite Zayn’s interruption, Ali refused to stay down. In the later part of the match, Ali blocked Nakamura attempt with a superkick. He then had to go out of the ring to save himself from Nakamura’s 450 splash. Ali then tried to deliver a high-flyer to take down Zayn, but Nakamura interrupted with Kinshasa and won the match.

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