WWE: Stone Cold To Roman Reigns; Wrestlers The Rock Is Friends With

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There are many wrestlers who The Rock fought in WWE, but now everything is fine between the them. Here are few WWE wrestlers who are still The Rock’s friends.

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The WWE universe often sees wrestlers battling it out to be the WWE Champion. Some of the wrestlers who are seen slugging it out on screen happen to be incredibly close in real life. The great example of this is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the great one was known for his trashy attitude and would intimidate anyone who tries to mess with him on SmackDown. But once The Rock started to appear in movies, fans saw his friendly and soft nature. The Rock's off-ring chemistry with his rivals made their matches so memorable. There are many wrestlers who The Rock fought in WWE, but now everything is fine between the two. Here are few WWE wrestlers who are still The Rock’s friends. 

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WWE: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

This is hard to believe. The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, who have been rivals during their career and have showcased three main events in WrestleMania, are friends. They may have been a part of some intense matches, but to deliver those matches, one has to have a good relationship with his opponent. As we know that WWE is a scripted wrestling show and to make the script come true, wrestlers needed to have good coordination. Though they both played two completely different characters, the two showed immense respect for each other when needed.  In a recent interview, Stone Cold talked about The Rock and how he changed WWE forever. The Rock then shared the video and hailed the Rattlesnake as a great friend.

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WWE: Roman Reigns

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is a family man through and through, and he has a lot of family members who are still a part of WWE. One of the most notable wrestlers fighting today is Roman Reigns. The Rock has always been on Roman’s side and helped him whenever he could. After Roman Reigns won the controversial Royal Rumble in 2015, The Rock came out and celebrated with his little brother. Roman Reigns was also seen in The Rock’s recent release Hobbs and Shaw.

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WWE: Vince McMahon

Wrestling has been a big part of The Rock’s life, so it’s no surprise that he will have a good relationship with the McMahon family and mainly his former boss and WWE chairman Vince McMahon. After the death of his father, McMahon turned WWE into one of the greatest pro-wrestling shows. It was his show which gave The Rock the screen time he deserved. Vince McMahon still considers The Rock his son and that’s one of the reasons why The Rock makes special appearances on the show.

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