WWE World Championship: Eddie Guerrero's Historic Win Back In 2004

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At No Way Out 2004, Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Championship for the first and last time before his untimely death in 2005. Read more as we look back at the bout

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One of WWE's historic matches happened at No Way Out Pay-per-view in Daly City, California in 2004. WWE legend Eddie Guerrero had won a 15-man battle royale to become the Number One Contender for the WWE Championship. Young but brutal Brock Lesnar was the WWE Champion at the time and the winner of the match would go to Wrestlemania XX as the WWE Champion. Eddie Guerrero had never held a WWE World Championship in his entire wrestling career.

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WWE World Championship: Brock Lesnar dominates Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero had faced a lot of challenges in his career including his pill addiction. Guerrero made his way to this match and it was turning a fresh page in his career where he finally reached the top of the ladder. The match began and Lesnar almost immediately started dominating Eddie. Delivering Suplexes and throwing Eddie away with ease, Lesnar made Eddie seem like easy work. 

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There were moments in the match where Eddie Guerrero used his wit to make Lesnar miss his moves. Eddie delivered some amazing moves on Lesnar too which aggravated an injury Lesnar sustained on his left knee. Eddie took advantage of the injured knee by attacking Lesnar on it and even putting him in submission locks. A lot of Brock's energy was drained but the champion did not submit. 
Brock Lesnar finally delivered an F5 to Eddie Guerrero but hurt the referee in the process. This led to the referee being oblivious to what happened in the ring. Brock went outside the ring and came back with his championship belt as he set Guerrero up for his next move. Out of nowhere, Brock's rival - Goldberg - appeared and delivered a brutal Spear to Brock. The crowd went wild as Eddie Guerrero attempted the pin as a barely conscious referee tried to make the three count. 

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Brock countered Guerrero and set him up for another F5 as Guerrero pulled off the biggest reversal of his career and delivered a DDT onto the belt which was lying beneath them. The unconscious referee did not notice and Eddie made a Frog Splash onto Brock and pinned him. The crowd erupted as Eddie celebrated his first-ever WWE Championship win. He jumped into the crowd to celebrate as the arena applauded. He hugged his teared-up mother and celebrated with the new belt. This was the iconic wrestler's only World Championship reign before his untimely demise in 2005.

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