Eddie Guerrero: 5 Best Moments From The Legend's Illustrious WWE Career

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Eddie Guerrero was a master on the mic as he was in the ring having delivered some of the most memorable promos in through the years. Check out his best moments

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Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero is one of the most legendary names in the wrestling business who made a name for himself in promotions like WWE and WCW. Eddie Guerrero had exceptional in-ring abilities and a lovable personality. His infamous Lie-Steal-Cheat gimmick helped play onto his strengths that gained him much more popularity through his time with the company. Remembered for his fighting skills, Eddie Guerrero also boosted charisma and delivered countless memorable promos over the years which were as good as his matches. Here’s taking a look at some of the most memorable ones.

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No one will ever take away his Latino Heat again (2005)

This one came right after his betrayal of fellow Mexican Rey Mysterio. It was undeniably the best heel piece by the late great, Eddie Guerrero. What made the promo more interesting was the sudden change of attitude in a man who was well over with the fans for his beloved babyface persona turning into a deranged psychopath of a heel.

Eddie Guerrero is an addict (2004)

This was a very emotional and passionate promo from Eddie Guerrero. This was on the go-home episode of WWE SmackDown leading to a main event encounter between the two at WWE No Way Out. The segment opened with Brock Lesnar rocking the SmackDown house with a Mariachi band combined with a dance performance. This is followed by a deep addict talk mocking his issues outside the ring. Eddie Guerrero takes the mic and unleashes a raw promo about his troubled past and how he fought his way back to the top. The promo was a lead up to their highly-anticipated WWE Championship main bout at WWE No Way Out that saw Eddie Guerrero become a WWE Champion for the first time in his career.

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Eddie Guerrero overcomes the obstacles (2004)

This was an earlier promo which was part of his storyline with Brock Lesnar. Eddie runs Brock Lesnar through his obstacles and personal demons and how people sell him short for what he can accomplish in the ring. The promo had a perfect delivery from Latino Heat and also saw Brock Lesnar do a great job with his facial expressions throughout the segment.

A verbal battle against The Rock (2002)

This was an instant gold with the Latino Heat going up against The Rock. Surprisingly, this was the only time Eddie Guerrero took it to the Great One on the mic which did not involve any major feud between the two. A long term rivalry would have definitely been entertaining.

Eddie Guerrero does not care anymore (1998)

This was a very memorable segment which saw an underappreciated Eddie Guerrero cut a promo on Eric Bischoff while expressing his displeasure working with the promotion. He ends the brutal promo asking Bischoff to take the job and shove it up his rear as he demands release from his WCW contract. This promo was proof that Eddie Guerrero was pure gold on the microphone way before he came to the WWE.

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