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What Did John Cena Say? Why Is John Cena Taiwan Trending?

What did John Cena say? During a recent interview promoting the new Fast and Furious film, the Hollywood icon referred to Taiwan as a country.

What did John Cena say

During a promotional interview, WWE icon and Hollywood actor John Cena ended up referring to Taiwan as a country. Taiwan is a self-ruled democratic island and Cena's words immediately resulted in a strong backlash. The actor has apologised now, admitting that he was indeed at fault. 

What did John Cena say? What happened to John Cena?

In the recent interview, Cena went ahead and said Taiwan will be the first "country" to watch Fast 9, the Fast and Furious franchise's latest sequel. The backlash was immense, with many even threatening to call off the film's screening in Taiwan. Taiwan, allowed to govern itself since 1949, has not been allowed official recognition on international platforms.  

John Cena China controversy apology

"I have many, many interviews and in one of them I made one mistake, I must say right now...I love and respect Chinese people and that I am very sorry for my mistake. I am so sorry, I apologise," Cena said in Mandarin, issuing a heartfelt apology. His second apology video was on Weibo – a social media platform. 

Cena's apology was deemed sincere by most, the actor giving no excuse. People were glad he apologised and hoped he would be mindful in the future. That being said, some fans were upset over yet another comment made by a star without being well informed. 

The conflict dates back to the 1920s when a civil war broke out in China. It continued till 1949 and was won by Mao Zedong leading the Chinese Communist Party – who are in power to this day. The other half, led by Chiang Kai-Shek, fled to Taiwan with his refugees. 

Even after all these years, China never recognised Taiwan as a separate country. As of now, China has blocked Taiwan from WHO's World Health Assembly and has asked hotel chains and countries to stop referring to Taiwan as a country. As of now, many believe a military invasion is possible in Taiwan. 

John Cena Taiwan Twitter reaction

John Cena WWE appearance

  • As per recent reports, Cena might make his return to the WWE. 

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