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Will Brock Lesnar Retire From WWE Soon? New Information On His Current Contract Emerge

New details have emerged over Brock Lesnar's ongoing WWE deal and whether he would appear in tv after sustaining a loss to Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam.

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Brock Lesnar & Cody Rhodes

Brock Lesnar & Cody Rhodes involve in a heated battle at SummerSlam; Image: WWE

Brock Lesnar has emerged as one of WWE's most high-profile assets that have the fans hooked with his character and in-ring prowess. The recent 'Cowboy' Brock persona has the fans hooked, and Lesnar has been a part of the promotion's major premium events since his return. But the Beast Incarnate's situation after his recent clash against Cody Rhodes at SummerSlam remains fuzzy. After SummerSlam, Lesnar has remained off the tv, and there has been no update on his next appearance until now.

3 things you need to know

  • Brock Lesnar made his return at SummerSlam
  • He became a WWE Champion after his return before losing it to Roman Reigns
  • The Beast Incarnate last battled the American Nightmare in his final tv match

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Brock Lesnar's next probable appearance revealed

Since losing his SummerSlam rubber match to Cody Rhodes, Lesnar has remained off tv. Now that is in the rear-view mirror, and his future remains uncertain. Lesnar's retirement status has been a speculative thing, and several fans believe this could be his last course in WWE and wrestling. But the beast incarnate fans are in for a treat to learn that Brock may be in line for WrestleMania XL.

[Brock Lesnar hits a German Suplex to Cody Rhodes during a match at SummerSlam; image: WWE]

As per Xero News, Lesnar inked a one-year deal with WWE, which he did during the WrestleMania 39 week. But there is a backstage belief that this would be his final deal with the Billion dollar promotion. While there are no details about the contract, it could indicate that Brock Lesnar may have his final match in Philadelphia instead of his hometown, Minnesota.

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Since Brock is a free agent, it allows him to be on either RAW or SmackDown, which permits him to ignite a feud with one of the show's top stars, depending on the creative plans. 

Brock Lesnar spotted singing at a concert in Minnesota

Unlike his previous character, the Beast Incarnate has brought life to Cowboy Brock and interacts with the fans in an interesting manner. But recently, the final was able to find one of Brock's rare things that he can do: Singing

Brock Lesnar graced the stage at a Zach Bryan concert in Minneapolis. He even joined the musicians on stage for the final show performance with the song, Revival. In addition to taking the stage, the WWE Superstar sang the chorus of the song as the guitarist performed.