Rusev And Lana: Are The WWE Superstars Really Married? Know More About Their Storyline

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Rusev and Lana have shocked the WWE universe with their recent storyline. The fans have a question at the moment - is Rusev really married to Lana? Know more.

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The entire, the WWE universe went into shock when Lana decided to dump Rusev for Bobby Lashley in front of the whole world and added fuel to the fire by having some intimate moments with Lashley. It was traumatic for Rusev when he saw his wife with Bobby Lashley. It incepted a lot of doubts among WWE fans and some of them enquired whether Rusev and Lana are really married in real life or not. 

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WWE: Is Rusev really married to Lana?

CJ Perry (Lana) and Miroslav Barnyashev (Rusev) are among some of the married couples of WWE who have agreed to put their personal life happenings into the WWE story segment. Lana recently announced that she is pregnant with Rusev’s baby, on-air, while the Bulgarian Brute admitted that he is a sex-addict. The interesting love triangle between Lana, Bobby Lashley, and Rusev has garnered a lot of attention towards WWE but some fans have equally slammed WWE for doing it, which includes the current AEW Superstar Jake Hager. AEW wrestler Jack Hager suggested Rusev leave Lana and WWE through Twitter.

However, Rusev has responded to the critics and has said that he is dedicated towards the promotion and at the end of the day, what matters is ratings. The Bulgarian further revealed that he gave a green signal to the idea and allowed the Lana- Bobby Lashley storyline to go ahead in WWE. Bobby Lashley had a lot of intimate moments with Lana but it went ahead by the consent of Lana’s husband Rusev. Lana is also happy with the ratings and attention she has generated by making love with Bobby Lashley and she has no problem in staying in a man’s world as long as she is the ravishing woman. That’s what her Instagram caption said.


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WWE: Rusev and Lana wedding

Rusev and Lana got married on July 29, 2019, and they are regarded as one of the most celebrated couples of WWE. Well after the recent Bobby Lashley segment, a lot of fans might disagree but that does not change their relationship, according to Rusev. It was a twisted plot to announce Lana’s pregnancy and Rusev was fine with it.


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