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WWE: John Cena's Return To Monday Night Raw Sees Several Cameo Appearances From AEW Stars

Several AEW superstars made appearances on the WWE Monday Night Raw episode of June 27, 2022, which featured John Cena celebrating his 20-year WWE anniversary.



The June 27 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw featured the much-awaited return of the 16-time WWE world champion and Hollywood superstar John Cena to the red brand. Cena returned to WWE on the occasion of completing 20 years with the company, having made his first TV appearance on June 27, 2002. While Cena remained on the headlines for his return, several AEW superstars also became the talking point about the Raw show.


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Former WWE superstars like Daniel Bryan, now known as Bryan Danielson in AEW, The Big Show, currently known as Paul Wight in AEW, and Chris Jericho made cameo appearances during the show and congratulated Cena on his 20-year WWE anniversary. The aforementioned wrestlers appeared alongside other legends like Trish Stratus, Triple H, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels, in a video tribute package aired by WWE.

Tony Khan permitted the AEW superstars to appear on WWE Monday Night Raw

Meanwhile, later in the day, Wrestling Inc reported that as per Fightful Select, WWE had contacted AEW boss Tony Khan, seeking permission to conduct interviews of the wrestlers. Given the occasion of Cena’s anniversary, Khan was said to give permission for the content, provided his approval. “Wishing John Cena congratulations on 20 years of hustle, loyalty and respect. One of my all-time favorite opponents,” Jericho said paying tribute to Cena.

A look at Chris Jericho, The Big Show and Daniel Bryan's time with WWE

It is pertinent to mention that this was not the first time Jericho appeared on WWE TV since joining AEW in 2019. Jericho made his WWE debut in 1999, a stint that saw him winning the Intercontinental Championship, a total of seven times, the World Heavyweight Championship once, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship once and the World Tag Team Championship thrice with different teammates. After returning to the promotion in 2008, Jericho kept being an important part of WWE before ending his tenure in 2017.

At the same time, The Big Show also joined WWE around the same time as Jericho and is known as one of the best-known wrestlers in the business. He is also a two-time world heavyweight champion with WWE, a WWE Intercontinental Champion, and also a five-time world tag team champion. On the other hand, Daniel Bryan is a former WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion, a four-time WWE champion, a WWE Intercontinental Champion, a WWE US Champion, and also a one-time WWE tag team champion.