WWE RAW: Liv Morgan Was In A Relationship With Lana? Helps Rusev DESTROY Lana-Lashley

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It was supposed to be a peaceful wedding day for WWE superstars Bobby Lashley and Lana on Monday Night WWE RAW on Dec 30 but Liv Morgan turned the tables.

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It was supposed to be a peaceful wedding day for WWE superstars Bobby Lashley and Lana on Monday Night RAW on December 30, 2019, which turned out to be an absolute disastrous day for them. Rusev and Liv Morgan ruined the Lana-Bobby Lashley wedding by beating up the couple and stood tall at the end of WWE RAW's final episode of 2019.

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The wedding of Bobby Lashley and Lana on Monday night's WWE RAW saw the return of Liv Morgan to this storyline. WWE RAW vignette, like the others, ended with a 'To be continued' teaser. This wedding segment started with the officials asking whether anyone would like to object to Lashley and Lana becoming husband and wife.

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A man came out and stated that he was Lana's husband before Rusev and Lana has left him because of the Bulgarian Brute. Also, the mystery man warned Bobby Lashley that Lana would leave him too for someone else. However, hearing this, Lashley ended up shoving the mystery guy and dragged him into the mat, leaving that man rolling on the floor in pain.

Later on, a woman came in and claimed that she was Bobby Lashley's first wife. The woman stated that she and Bobby Lashley got married back in Lashley's army days which is the 2000s. However, Lana slapped that woman and told officials to continue with the wedding rituals.

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The official again asked for anyone had any objection, and that's when Liv Morgan returned to WWE RAW. Liv Morgan entered the ring and revealed that she was in a relationship with Lana. Liv Morgan was constantly crying when she was saying all this, and at this point, Lana was crying too. However, Lana slapped Liv Morgan and got into a brawl with her. 

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Lana finally got free to return to the ring as the referees and WWE officials separated Liv Morgan. Immediately after that, she yelled at the official to wrap up the wedding. That's when the Bulgarian Brute jumped out of the giant fake cake that was on display in the ring on WWE RAW, attacking Bobby Lashley. WWE RAW continued for several minutes as Liv ran back into the ring and took Lana down again while Rusev put Lashley back down.

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