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Chris Benoit Death: How Superstars Reacted When Vince McMahon Gave Them The News

Chris Benoit death: Vice made a documentary about former wrestler Chris Benoit where many superstars can be seen expressing their emotions.

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Adil Khan
Chris Benoit death

In the wrestling industry, Chris Benoit was well respected, so when the news of his death came in front of the world, it shocked many. Vice recently made a documentary about Chris Benoit's death where many WWE superstars can be seen expressing their emotions. All the superstars got the news from WWE chairman Vince McMahon backstage and many started crying in front of McMahon.

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Chris Benoit death: Chavo and Vickie Guerrero remember the day

Vickie Guerrero said that when she got the news from Vince McMahon, she started crying. She said she started worrying about the only living member of the Benoit family, David. She said David Benoit was aged just 15 and his face started coming in front of her eyes. She said Dean Malenko hugged her and asked her to not freak out. Chavo Guerrero, on the other hand, remembered the many gasps he heard after Vince McMahon made the statement.

“Vince McMahon stands up in the ring and says, 'We just got word that Chris Benoit, Nancy and Daniel have all passed away.' And the gasps, of course, around the ring,” said Chavo Guerrero.

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Chris Benoit death: How did Chris Benoit die?

Former WWE Champion Chris Benoit committed a horrendous crime in 2007. According to Georgia police, Benoit killed his wife and younger son in rage before committing suicide in his home. Chris Benoit’s older son David Benoit recently talked to Chris Van Vliet and said that his father had CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Because of that, Chris Benoit used to have mood swings. David Benoit said that it played a huge role in those crimes.

“That wasn’t him. He would never do that. I think something went terribly wrong. The doctor said he had CTE. He had CTE, so I don’t think that was him,” said David Benoit.

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