Updated May 3rd, 2024 at 13:50 IST

Watch Milwaukee Bucks star lose his cool, HURTS Indiana Pacers fans with Basketball in Playoffs loss

In a disgraceful moment during NBA Playoffs, Milwaukee Bucks star player has hurt Indiana Pacers fans by throwing basketball at them. Watch the video here

Milwaukee Bucks star fights with Indiana Pacers fans | Image:AP/X/Screengrab

The Milwaukee Bucks were eliminated in the first round of NBA Playoffs for the second season running after their blowout 120-98 loss to Indiana Pacers in game 6. The defeat meant that Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard's Milwaukee Bucks crashed out with a 4-2 series defeat. 

Milwaukee Bucks guard Patrick Beverley was absolutely furious in the final minutes of game 6 defeat at the hands of Indiana Pacers in NBA Playoffs and in a moment of madness Beverley lost his cool and smashed Pacers fans with basketball. 


The Indiana Pacers fans didn't make life easy for Milwaukee Bucks throughout the series and as the Bucks were nearing elimination, Beverley completely lost it and had a serious altercation with the fans. 

In a video that has surfaced on Social Media, it can be seen that in the final minutes, Patrick Beverley lost his cool and smashed a basketball at Indiana Pacers fans sitting behind the Bucks dugout. 


While one time could've been down to frustration but then, Patrick Beverley asked for the ball back. When, the Pacers fans handed Patrick Beverley the ball back, he proceeded to fire the basketball back at them in turn hurting fans.

As it turned out, none of his teammates in Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damian Lillard or Khris Middleton even talked to him for the incident. That was the end of Patrick Beverley's season as Doc Rivers would not call him back to go on court.

Can Patrick Beverly be penalized?

Patrick Beverly almost certainly has to be penalized by the league for this offense. The NBA takes disciplinary issues by the players against the fans very seriously hence when Patrick Beverley wasn't ejected from the game for such behavior came as a surprise to many. 

The potential penalties that will come towards Beverley's way may include a fine or even suspension for a few games at the start of NBA regular season in October. 




Published May 3rd, 2024 at 13:50 IST