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Amad Diallo's Messi-like celebration turned troublesome as Utd beat Liverpool in FA Cup quarters

Manchester United absolutely routed Liverpool at the last minute, but Amad Diallo's Messi-like celebration landed him in trouble at the FA Cup quarterfinal.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Amad Diallo celebrated after scoring a goal against Liverpool at the FA Cup quarterfinal | Image: X/@EmiratesFACup

Manchester United have figured out their winning ways as they pull up a thriller against the Jurgen Klopp-led Liverpool at the Old Trafford Stadium. For United, the pressure will ease up as they are leading towards a title. United are surrounded by trouble as their season hands in the beam. But the Red Devils put up a solid effort in the FA Cup quarterfinals. Amad Diallo came in as the last-moment saviour as United took a 4-3 advantage, but his iconic celebration came with a big cost. 

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Amad Diallo penalized for his Lionel Messi-like Celebration at Inter-City Derby

The Northwest Derby, headed by Manchester United and Liverpool, had an entertaining clash that had the fans holding to their seats. A last-minute goal by Amad Diallo turned the tables as the game's odds were with LFC throughout the match. While Marcus Rashford equalized the game by 3-3, Diallo made it 4-3 in the dying moments of the game. For the home crowd, he was the hero as he sealed Manchester United's victory in injury time of extra time with a goal of 120 +1.


Amad Diallo went on to celebrate as he replicated one of Lionel Messi's iconic celebrations when he took off his jersey and flaunted it towards the fans during an El Clasico match. The goal was Messi's 500th goal, and he put up a solid way of celebrating it in front of the Madridistas.

Diallo replicated the infamous Messi celebration at the Old Trafford, but he instantly landed in trouble for it as the referee handed him a red card. He had already received a yellow card for his foul in the 116th minute, then he was given an additional yellow for breaking another regulation by removing his jersey. But as he made his way back, he received a solid reception from the home crowd.

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Diallo felt let down by the red card but declared it the greatest goal of his whole life after the game.

“It’s the best goal of my life, it’s a really important moment. I am disappointed to be sent off, but what is important is to win. To beat Liverpool is a big, big moment for me,” said the Man City striker.


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