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ENIGMA: Exploring the obscure rule behind Emiliano Martinez's 2 yellow cards without a red card

Delve into the mystery of Emiliano Martinez's double yellow cards and the unexpected rule that kept him on the field.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Emiliano Martinez | Image:X/screengrab

In a thrilling Europa Conference League quarter-final clash, LOSC Lille faced off against Aston Villa in a nail-biting encounter that culminated in a penalty shootout. The match started with Yusuf Yazıcı opening the scoring for LOSC in the 15th minute, giving them an early lead. Benjamin André doubled their advantage in the 67th minute. However, Aston Villa fought back valiantly, with Matty Cash finding the net in the 87th minute to level the aggregate score at 3-3. Despite a well-fought battle, Aston Villa emerged victorious, winning 4-3 on penalties, securing their spot in the semi-finals.

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Why was Emiliano Martinez not sent off after he received two yellow cards vs Lille?

Despite receiving two yellow cards during Aston Villa's match against Lille in the second leg of the UEFA Europa Conference League quarterfinals, Emiliano Martinez was not sent off. A not widely known rule allowed the goalie to avoid receiving a red card.


This rule states that yellow cards earned during regular play are void when a penalty shootout starts. Martinez was given two warnings, yet he was still allowed to continue playing. During regular play, the Aston Villa custodian received the first yellow card for wasting time. After he made a move to quiet the home crowd after saving Lille's first penalty kick in the shootout, he received his second yellow card.

Martinez's second warning did not result in his removal from the pitch, which is typically the case in regulation play, because his first yellow was wiped clean at the start of the penalty shootout.


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In the end, Aston Villa won 4-3 on penalties, and Emiliano Martinez was instrumental in their victory by blocking two of Nabil Bentaleb's and Benjamin Andre's vital penalty shots. In a thrilling second-leg quarterfinal match on Thursday night (April 18), Aston Villa eliminated Lille from the competition and advanced to the UEFA Europa Conference League semifinals

Villa and Lille fought to an exciting 3-3 draw overall, with Yusuf Yazici and Benjamin Andre scoring vital goals to put the home club ahead. But in the 87th minute, Matty Cash scored a pivotal goal that changed the tide and gave Aston Villa new life. After extra time, the score was tied, sending the game into an exhilarating penalty shootout. The game's hero was Emiliano Martinez, who stopped two vital spot kicks and led his team to victory. Martinez silenced the Lille supporters after saving Bentaleb's penalty and celebrated his victory.


The hostile behaviour Martinez faced from the French club's supporters during the game was perhaps a result of Martinez's crucial contribution to Argentina's victory over France in the 2022 World Cup final. Martinez saved another penalty, this one from Benjamin Andre of Lille, to cap off his heroics and give Aston Villa the much-needed win. Following the victory, Martinez walked across the pitch in celebration alongside the visiting supporters.

Aston Villa is now excitedly anticipating its opponents in the Conference League semifinals, where they will play Olympiacos or Fenerbahce in what should be another exciting matchup.


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