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GOAL!! ASSIST!! VINTAGE Lionel Messi returns and leads Inter Miami to a 3-2 victory vs Sporting KC

Lionel Messi's vintage performance leads Inter Miami to a thrilling 3-2 victory over Sporting KC, marking a triumphant return to form.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Lionel Messi | Image:X/screengrab

In an intense showdown, Inter Miami emerged victorious against Sporting KC with a score of 3-2. Erik Thommy displayed his prowess with a brace, netting goals in the 6th and 58th minutes. However, Inter Miami fought back valiantly, with Diego Gómez finding the back of the net in the 18th minute. The match took an electrifying turn when the legendary Lionel Messi scored for Inter Miami in the 51st minute, and Luis Suárez sealed the victory with a goal in the 71st minute. The game showcased a total of 18 shots, with Inter Miami controlling possession and displaying superior pass accuracy. It was a thrilling encounter that kept spectators on the edge of their seats for the entire 90 minutes of action-packed match at the Arrowhead Stadium.

Lionel Messi rolls back the years by scoring an outrageous goal for Inter Miami

Lionel Messi demonstrated his brilliance on the pitch for Inter Miami, scoring and assisting in their exciting 3-2 victory over Sporting Kansas City. In a key juncture of the game, with Sporting KC leading, Messi demonstrated his playmaking prowess by providing a precise through ball to Diego Gomez, who capitalised on the opportunity to equalise for Inter Miami.

Not satisfied with merely an assist, Messi went on to lift the game with a magnificent goal that could easily be considered one of the season's best. Messi unleashed a powerful left-footed drive from outside the penalty area, leaving the custodian with little chance as the ball reached the net, giving Inter Miami a 2-1 lead.


With this outstanding performance, Messi's influence in the MLS grows. In just five games this season, he has scored five goals and assisted twice. His 18 goals for Inter Miami make him a formidable force, trailing only Gonzalo Higuaín's club record of 29 by 11. Inter Miami's starting lineup also included Tomás Avilés and Marcelo Weigandt, who played important roles in the team's victory.

Lionel Messi will now be seen in action while leading Inter Miami against Nashville SC next Sunday, April 21, 2024.


Published April 14th, 2024 at 09:09 IST