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'They didn't want to beat us': Manchester City star takes DIG at Arsenal after Premier League win

Manchester City won their fourth consecutive Premier League title and pipped Arsenal to two points. Post their triumph, City star took a dig at Arsenal.

Manchester City star takes dig at Arsenal | Image:AP

Manchester City on Sunday were crowned Premier League Champions for the fourth consecutive season after they beat West Ham 3-1 in their final league fixture on Sunday. This made Manchester City the first team in Premier League history to win four consecutive Premier League titles. 

However, the road to the title wasn't easy for Manchester City as they fend off title challenge from Arsenal and in the end prevailed to win the title by only two points. As the Confetti rained down at the Etihad, Manchester City's star midfielder Rodri did not hold back and took a massive dig at the Gunners. 


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Rodri takes a dig at Arsenal

As Manchester City were embroiled in celebrations with the Premier League winners medal and the trophy, Rodri in his post game interview was asked what made the team so special and consistent in winning the Premier League. 

Rodri simply believed that Manchester City beat Arsenal and the other teams based on sheer mentality. The midfielder looked back at when Arsenal came to the Etihad Stadium and only played for a stalemate was when they knew they will be Champions. 


“I think to be honest, it's in here (mind), it's the mentality. Great player are all over the leagues, all over the clubs, Arsenal also. They did an unbelievable season but I think the difference was in here (mind). When they come here, when they face us here in the Etihad - I saw them and I was like these guys don't want to beat us. they just want a draw you know", said Rodri.

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Rodri further said that his team caught Arsenal's mentality and since that moment made it a point to not let them get away.  


"And that mentality I think we wouldn't do it the same way and we catch it. At the end if you give us one point we will win the last seven to eight games”, said Rodi. 

Arsenal did put together a tremendous season and won 16 out og 18 games in 2024 and this still in the end wasn't good enough to knock Manchester City off their perch. 


Published May 20th, 2024 at 12:01 IST