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'Real Madrid is the best': Barcelona legend Lionel Messi admits the supremacy of 15-time CL winners

Barcelona legend Lionel Messi acknowledges the achievements of Real Madrid, labelling it as the best in terms of results garnered.

Lionel Messi admits the supremacy of Real Madrid | Image:AP

In recent years, the footballing world has been largely dominated by two giants: Real Madrid and Manchester City. During the 2023/24 season, Real Madrid clinched the Spanish La Liga title and triumphed in the Champions League, reaffirming their status as a powerhouse in European football. Meanwhile, Manchester City continued their reign in the Premier League, securing their fourth consecutive title and solidifying their dominance domestically.

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Real Messi asked to pick the best between Real Madrid and Manchester City

This dual hegemony has sparked widespread debate among football enthusiasts and pundits alike. The central question remains: which team is superior? This discourse reached new heights when Lionel Messi, a Barcelona legend and long-time rival of Real Madrid, was asked to weigh in on the matter.


In an interview with InfoBae, Messi provided a nuanced perspective. "Best team in the world? Real Madrid, the current European champions. If we talk about results, Real Madrid is the best. If we are talking about performance-wise, Manchester City, led by Pep, is the best," Messi stated.

Messi's comments carry significant weight, not only because of his unparalleled expertise but also due to his deep-rooted association with Barcelona, Real Madrid's eternal rivals. His acknowledgment of Real Madrid's supremacy in terms of results is particularly striking, given the historical animosity between the two clubs. This rare praise from Messi highlights the extraordinary achievements of Real Madrid during the 2023/24 season.

However, Messi's admiration for Manchester City cannot be overlooked. He emphasized the exceptional performance of Pep Guardiola's side, indicating that their style of play and consistency on the pitch set them apart. Guardiola, who previously managed Messi at Barcelona, has molded Manchester City into a formidable force, blending tactical brilliance with a relentless pursuit of excellence.


The debate over which team is superior—Real Madrid with their results or Manchester City with their performances—may never reach a definitive conclusion. However, Messi's balanced assessment underscores the remarkable accomplishments of both clubs, each excelling in their own right and continuing to captivate football fans around the globe.


Published June 7th, 2024 at 21:15 IST