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Two Premier League players ARRESTED over alleged RAPE SCANDAL after cops raid stadium

Two Premier League players have reportedly been taken into police custody for alleged rape and assault.

Two premier league players arrested for alleged rape | Image:AP

The English Premier League is surrounded in a Rape scandal once again after it was repeated that two Premier League players of an unnamed club were arrested by UK police on allegations relating to rape and assualt. 

The cops made the arrest over the weekend after raiding the stadium and club facilities at the night. One of the players who was taken under custody was found by the Cops at the stadium.


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Young Premier League players under suspicion

While the UK police hasn't revealed the names of the players arrested or the clubs they play for it has been confirmed that both those players are 19-year old teenagers. 

Mailsport reported that the rape took place on Friday night and the Premier League players were taken into custody over the weekend. 


According to reports, the first player was initially interviewed by the cops at the stadium for alleged assault and aiding and abetting a rape. 

The player was then let go but was soon made to spend the night behind bars. On the following day, his teammate also a 19-year old was arrested by the police in relation to rape.

After detective interrogation, both the players were released on bail. 


“Officers have arrested two men following a report of a rape. A 19-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and aiding and abetting a rape. A second 19-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of rape. Both men have since been released on police bail”, the police officer linked to the investigation said to the Sun. 

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Club discussing next steps 

While the club which these players play for hasn't been made public, inside sources have confirmed that the club is currently holding discussion on how to proceed over the ‘next steps’.


The club have made their stance clear that the case is in the hands of the police and they will not be making any further comment.

This is not the first time Premier League has been engulfed in controversy in the past stars like Mason Greenwood, Benjamin Mendy have recently been involved in rape scandals. Everton also released Gylfi Sigurdsson in the past for rape. Adam Johnson of Sunderland and Ched Evans of Sheffield United are also some of the players released by their clubs in the past due to rape. 




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