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‘We knew we had to’: Lionel Messi applauds Inter Miami's dominant 5-0 victory over Orlando City

Lionel Messi praises Inter Miami's commanding 5-0 win over Orlando City, recognizing the team's determination and exceptional performance in the match.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Lionel Messi runs after scoring against Orlando City during the second half of an MLS soccer match Saturday, March 2, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. | Image: AP

In an exciting Major League Soccer match, Inter Miami beat Orlando City 5-0. Throughout the game, Inter Miami put on an incredible show, and Luis Suárez made an immediate impression by scoring in the fourth and eleventh minutes. Robert Taylor's strike in the 29th minute extended the lead. Then, in the 57th and 62nd minutes, Lionel Messi scored twice in an amazing display. Inter Miami controlled play and put on an impressive show, scoring six goals on goal out of their eleven shots. The amazing victory happened at Chase Stadium, solidifying Inter Miami's position as the MLS's top team.

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Lionel Messi made a huge statement after scoring a brace against Orlando City 

In their MLS match on Saturday, March 2, Inter Miami defeated Orlando City 5-0, and Lionel Messi gave his reflections on the team's outstanding performance. On the pitch, the Herons demonstrated their might, with Messi and Luis Suarez both contributing greatly to Tata Martino's team. With a brace in the fourth and eleventh minutes, Suarez started the scoring frenzy. Robert Taylor quickly followed, doubling the advantage to 3-0 in the 29th. Within five minutes of the second half, Messi added two more goals to the team's advantage, ensuring a convincing 5-0 victory.


Messi addressed the media via the official MLS website after the game, praising his team's excellent performance. Lionel Messi:

“It was a complete performance because we played a great game. We knew we had to come out with a lot of intensity today because Orlando demand it – a lot of bodies crashing, waiting in the back for the counter.”

"We were lucky to get the first goal, and that changed the whole game. After that we found spaces, we were able to play with more ease and it turned into a different type of game than we were expecting."

With three goals in as many games for Inter Miami this season, the renowned football player has made an early and significant effect in the Major League Soccer. Surprisingly, after three games and seven points, Inter Miami is atop the MLS Eastern Conference rankings. With that in mind, Tata Martino's team is preparing for their next CONCACAF Champions Cup matchup against Nashville on March 7.


Messi underlined the need of keeping up the momentum after their encouraging start to the season and the busy calendar that lies ahead, with major competitions like the Copa America and Leagues Cup drawing near. According to the MLS official website, Messi emphasised the significance of earning as many points as possible early on and the team's objective of gathering as many points as possible. He added: 

"It’s important to start well because then the league stops, another tournament will start. “It’s good to reach that altitude with some air under your wings, and that’s what we’ve proposed for ourselves: start this way and get the most amount of points possible before Copa América, Leagues Cup and everything that’s coming.”


Published March 3rd, 2024 at 18:19 IST