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'World's Strongest Man' Eddie Hall fights 2 men at the same time in MMA fight, WATCH what happens

The World Freak Fight League saw frantic action as former World's Strongest Man, Eddie Hall knocked out two men cold in his wild MMA debut.

Eddie Hall knocks out 2 men in wild MMA debut | Image:X/Screengrab

Eddie Hall retired strongman and the winner of Britain's ‘World’s Strongest Man' honour six times in his career has made one of the wildest debut in MMA as he ran riot inside the Octagon. 

In the World Freak Fight League, Eddie Hall squared off against Tik Tok influencers Neffati brothers and he singlehandedly made sure that the brothers regretted taking the fight against him.  


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Eddie Hall singlehandedly knocks out two Men

The 36-year old British Strongman was never really in any doubt as in a frantic turn of events he let fly two powerbombs against Neffati Brothers and beat them to win in his electrifying MMA debut.

The bout started as a cagey affair with the two brothers slowly taking their chances and doing ther best to avoid ‘The Beast’. The first round ended with no punches landed as the trio got booed by the fans at Georges Hall in Blackburn.


But the Neffati Brothers soon thought they had an opening and launched their attack on Eddie Hall. As it turned out, Eddie Hall was more than up for the challenge and singlehandedly knocked both the brothers out with a combination of a one punch right hand. 


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Internet reacts to Eddie Hall's wild Knockout 

The Internet understandably so went crazy with Eddie Hall's wild knockout of Neffati Brothers. Fans went as far as to pair up a fight between Eddie Hall and Jon Jones at the UFC 305. 



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