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UFC in WWE: MMA Superstar reaches RAW to CALL OUT Conor McGregor; Will 'The Notorious' come to WWE?

UFC Lightweight Fighter has finally called out Conor McGregor for a much-awaited clash during his appearance at WWE Monday Night RAW at Anaheim, CA.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Conor McGregor | Image:AP

The Honda Centre in Anaheim, California, experienced the TKO Takeover with the UFC 298 PPV happening on Sunday, and WWE's Monday Night RAW also took place after the MMA event. Some big names were seen in attendance, which included Gabriel Iglesias, Netflix executives, “King” Callum Walsh, and more. Among them was UFC lightweight fighter Michael Chandler, who issued a wild challenge to out-of-action MMA superstar and UFC fighter Conor McGregor, which has seemingly fueled a colossal indication to their much-awaited fight in the octagon.

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UFC Fighter Michael Chandler calls out Conor McGregor on WWE RAW

The Monday Night RAW which took place at the Honda Centre in Anaheim, California, saw major celebrity appearances at the sold-out sports entertainment show. While Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Jey Uso, GUNTHER, and more were the featured stars in the showcase. Some special guests at ringside were also seen. Professional Bull Rider John Crimber, undefeated boxer “King” Callum Walsh, and Netflix Executives were seen at the ringside and were featured in the show. UFC Lightweight fighter Michael Chandler, who had already announced his appearance, was also there. 


Announcer Samantha Irvin of RAW Ring brought her microphone to the barrier to present Michael Chandler to the Anaheim audience. Conor McGregor and the UFC Lightweight fighter have been attempting to get into a fight for some time now. The fighter pulled the microphone away from the fighter to cut a promo and challenged McGregor to make their fight happen.

“Hey, you are now in the presence of the most entertaining UFC fighter on the planet. Hey, now there’s a man from Ireland who has been making me wait for way too long. And I’ve still got one dude on my mind — Conor McGregor get your candy a** back to the Octagon, we’ve got some unfinished business, boys. God bless, I’ll see you at the top!” Said Michael Chandler

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Seering Michael Chandler challenging McGregor on RAW, it could be a new thing under the TKO Group Holdings regime. Since both promotions are under the same umbrella, they could move ahead with such entertaining crossovers in the future.


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