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'The Godfather' Returns! HOFer Mark Coleman marks his presence at UFC 300 after surviving house fire

Mark Coleman makes his first appearance in UFC at the UFC 300 after surviving a scary house fire that happened at his parent's house in Fremont, Ohio.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman makes his entrance at UFC 300 with his daughters | Image: Eurosport (Screengrab)

One of the biggest UFC events, the UFC 300, was bound to bring out a star-studded celebrity line-up in attendance. Apart from the formidable roster, the guests in attendance have been nothing less than spectacular. The UFC also acknowledged one of their Hall of Fame fighters, who was battling for life in the hospital after saving his members of the family from a house fire. The MMA Promotion shared an update for Mark Coleman, and he also made his appearance at the premier pay-per-view event. 

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Mark Coleman makes his first UFC appearance after saving his parents and surviving a house fire

At the UFC 300 pay-per-view in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, UFC legend and Hall of Famer Mark Coleman made his appearance and was accompanied by his daughters as he made his way out on the ramp. Coleman received rousing applause as he came out of a life-and-death situation after suffering fatal burns while saving his parents after their house in Fremont, Ohio caught fire. 

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman enters the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas with his daughters for UFC 300 | Image: ESPN

As per reports, a fire broke out in their house in the early hours of March 12. Coleman and his family were sound asleep, but the striker was alerted by his dog Hammer. Mark leapt into rescue to save his parents.


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Mark Coleman hurried to save his mother after he brought his father outside for protection from the smoldering house. Even though it cost him some physical injuries, he was able to save them from harm. In an attempt to save their pet, Mark Colman went back to save Hammer, but after going inside the burning house a third time, the former striker passed out. He had a severe case of smoke inhalation when the police arrived, so they transported him to the closest hospital and had to airlift him. 


Now, the UFC Hall of Famer is out of danger, and he has appeared in UFC's biggest pay-per-view in history, the UFC 300 in Las Vegas.


Published April 14th, 2024 at 08:44 IST