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UFC 300: Izzy APPROVES Diego Lopes TKO win over Sodiq Yusuff as a new star is born

Former UFC Champion Israel Adesanya was in attendance for UFC 300 and was pumped up watching Diego Lopes impressive TKO win over Sodiq yussuf

Izzy approves that Diego Lopes TKO | Image:X/@ufc/screengrab

The much awaited UFC 300 finally arrived and the preliminary card saw the making of a potential new champion in the UFC. The Brazilian phenomenon Diego Lopes squared off with Sodiq yusuff in a featherweight bout in the preliminary card.

Heading into the fight people were aware of Diego Lopes’ talent but Sodiq yusuff was favored to come out victorious. But as it turned out, the Brazilian absolutely lit up the Octagon as he took just 89 seconds to finish his opponent and mark his third victory in the UFC.


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Israel Adesanya Approves Diego Lopes quickfire TKO

The win is certainly impressive and former UFC Champion Israel Adesanya could not hold back his excitement for the Brazilian as he celebrated the TKO win from the stands.

Israel Adesanya was watching from the sidelines and as Diego Lopes tightened his grip inside the Octagon, Izzy was impressed and as soon as the TKO materialized Izzy was on his feet showing his appreciation for the Brazilian.

Israel Adesanya wasn't the only UFC grea pumped with Lopes win. As soon as Diego Lopes unleashed the two right uppercuts to the stomach and the chin to seal his special first round win over Sodiq yusuff', the arena around the Octagon went crazy and Joe Rogan was prompted to say on the mic, “I am telling you, this kid is special”.


The win now takes Diego Lopes’ UFC record to 3-1, his sole defeat coming back in his UFC debut in May. In the three fights since then, Diego Lopes has went on to dominate his other three opponents and won his bouts by some margin.


Diego Lopes was visibly pumped after his victory and was quick to celebrate his triumph with boss Dana White as Mark Zuckerberg watched on standing next to them. 


Published April 14th, 2024 at 06:58 IST