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Former World No. 1 hails Carlos Alcaraz, offers convincing feedback on his form ahead of new season

Former World No.1 tennis player has made a huge statement about the Spanish sensation Carlos Alcaraz, who will look to have a successful season in 2024.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Carlos Alcaraz | Image:AP

Carlos Alcaraz showed his dedication to the 2024 season by practicing on Christmas Eve. He is now getting ready for the forthcoming season.  The 2023 season on the tour was amazing for the Spanish tennis star, who won six trophies, most notably a Grand Slam at the Wimbledon Championships. Notwithstanding these successes, Alcaraz encountered difficulties in the latter part of the year, and his subpar play in the second half of the season cost him the top place in the standings after the year. Alcaraz is already training hard during the holidays to recover and return stronger for the forthcoming tennis season.

3 things you need to know 

  • Carlos Alcaraz won the Wimbledon 2023 
  • Novak Djokovic is currently World’s No.1
  • Carlos Alcaraz is currently World’s No.2 

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Boris Becker made a huge statement about Carlos Alcaraz 

Boris Becker believes Carlos Alcaraz will be even more motivated to start the new season because of the physical progress he made in the 2023 ATP Finals in Turin.


Although Becker acknowledged the unknowns around the 20-year-old's body strengthening, he expressed trust that Alcaraz's staff will find and use practical methods to deal with any physical difficulties he could have. The optimism stems from the conviction that Alcaraz's enhanced physical condition would enhance his overall game and competitiveness as he prepares for the forthcoming tennis season. Talking on Punto de Break, Becker said: 

"I saw Carlos in good physical shape in Turin and I think he will start the season very motivated. Perhaps the big question on a physical level is whether to strengthen certain parts of the body more or less, such as the back or the lower body, but I am convinced that the entire team is already working on that and will find the best solutions," 

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Carlos Alcaraz is preparing for more success by practicing hard and persistently as the new tennis season draws near. The World No. 2 posted photos of his training session at the Ferrero Tennis Academy in Alicante, Spain, on Sunday, December 24, giving fans a peek inside his training regimen.


The month prior, Alcaraz had begun his preseason training at the Tennis Fest demonstration in Mexico City. He competed against Tommy Paul in this match, winning 7-6(3), 6-3 to claim the win. For Alcaraz, these preseason workouts and exhibition matches are essential preparation for when the tennis season finally arrives.


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