Published 13:11 IST, May 4th 2024

'Never got a chance to feel that new era': WWE Hall of Famer eager to return under Triple H's regime

A WWE Hall of Famer has revealed that he is eager to make a return under Triple H's regime and has revealed that the HHH era has made returns very enticing.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
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Triple H | Image: WWE

The WWE has been having a boom, courtesy of Triple H running the show. The Cerebral assassin might be retired, but he is currently functioning as the Chief Content Officer for the WWE, and the product has been on the rise, with superstars getting proper TV time. The m,orale has been at an all-time high under HHH as he has a connection with the wrestlers, given that he was a wrestler before. The Triple H era has been so exhilarating and fun that it has also attracted a lot of wrestlers who are currently free agents. Even the Hall of Famers have been appreciating Hunter, as one such legend is eager to make a comeback in the new era. 

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WWE Hall of Famer eager to work in the new Triple H era

During an appearance with WhatCulture, WWE Hall of Famer and one part of the legendary tag team, The Dudley Boyz's D-Von Dudley, revealed that Paul Levesque's leadership makes a WWE return very enticing. He has also kept the doors open for a return to the WWE under HHH's reign.

“Yes, but I haven’t done the Triple H era. I’ve been through the Vince era, but I would love to get a crack at…maybe even possibly doing the Triple H era, so to speak. You never know. I had fun when I was there, even during the Vince era. At times, it was extremely stressful, but we got through it and did what we had to do. But I never just got a chance to feel that new era," D-Von said.

The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley make an appearance during Monday Night RAW | Image: WWE

“It’s an opportunity that, if it presents itself, so be it. I’m not gonna sit here and not listen and make a business decision. There is no beef on my part with WWE. I went on Twitter and I announced that, this and that. I had fun with everybody that I worked with, whether it was in the ring or outside the ring, had no issues with management or anything. It was just time to part ways and we did,” he added.

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D-Von Dudley was a viral back in WWE as a producer and has been with the company under a Legends contract. The Dudley Boyz recently made an appearance at the WWE Draft, while Bubba Ray featured as a special guest referee during WrestleMania XL. It will be interesting to see whether one of the most decorated tag teams would return to the WWE.

13:11 IST, May 4th 2024