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WWE SmackDown results: The Rock has COME BACK as ...... HEEEL!

The Rock defies character norms as The Bloodline exits following the post-SmackDown broadcast, creating an unprecedented and unexpected moment.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
WWE SmackDown: The Rock turns heel | Image:WWE

The Rock's return to WWE SmackDown marked an electrifying moment as he, along with Roman Reigns, confronted Triple H in a highly anticipated segment. The Rock delivered a fiery speech pulsating with his signature charisma, teasing future clashes and storylines leading into WrestleMania. The Rock’s feud with Cody Rhodes just dont’t seem to end and its just getting worse with time. 

The Rock breaks character after WWE SmackDown goes off air 

After the cameras stopped filming on tonight's episode of SmackDown, The Rock delighted fans by breaking out of character. In the last section, The Great One officially joined The Bloodline side. His frank statements to the WWE Universe, however, drew the most attention. He joked about the audience's desire to see Cody Rhodes headline WrestleMania, perhaps hinting at his own wish to fight Roman Reigns instead.

Following the the shoe, The Rock embraced his fellow Bloodline members before engaging in some real conversations with fans. Breaking away from his heel demeanour, The Brahma Bull shook hands and shared moments with the crowd, demonstrating his real gratitude for their support.


The Rock's post-performance attitude mirrored a special occasion from twenty-one years prior. On a legendary RAW segment, the former WWE Champion poked fun at the Toronto fans in the lead-up to WrestleMania XIX in 2003. In a similar vein, he violated his on-screen image and interacted with fans in a moment that came after the programme ended.


There are rumours regarding WrestleMania XL's possible conclusion now that The Rock is a member of The Bloodline. If The Bloodline steps in during the main event, Cody Rhodes may suffer a heartbreaking loss similar to previous ones. The Rock's involvement gives the plot a fascinating new dimension that has fans excitedly awaiting the big event's closing minutes.










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