Published 13:59 IST, May 2nd 2024

Will Cody Rhodes ever turn heel in WWE? Undisputed WWE Champion addresses the possibilities

'The American Nightmare' Cody Rhodes breaks down his chances of turning heel someday while in the WWE and ponders on whether it will be a good idea or not.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
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Cody Rhodes | Image: WWE

From the Undesirable to becoming the undeniable, and now becoming the Undisputed. Cody Rhodes has had quite a journey in the WWE. The American Nightmare returned to the promotion after a long time at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, and he hasn't turned back ever since. Rhodes went on to main-event two back-to-back WrestleMania's and capture the title at the 40th Showcase of the Immortals. Cody entered the company as a face and with Roman Reigns not returning anytime soon, he is not the top star in the wrestling promotion. Rhodes is successful as a face character, but will he ever go heel?

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Will Cody Rhodes ever turn heel? Chances are slim, but ‘never say never’

During a recent appearance on Rosenberg Wrestling, the Undisputed WWE Champion opened up to the chances of turning into a heel after his run as a top babyface. There was a possibility of a turn, he acknowledged, but Cody also admitted that it was not something he was particularly interested in.

"I think I'm lying if I say I don't think about it," Rhodes said. "The truth is, I'm so caught up in the connection that I have, whether it's the friendships bracelets I get at the shows, or just these moments you have with the kids coming full cosplay, this new generation of fan that's going to grow up and have podcasts and radio shows...I'm so invested in them, it's rare when I think outside of 'Well, what about a version of me that's hated? That's disliked, that's booed?' 

Cody Rhodes makes his entrance at the Monday Night RAW | Image: WWE

"I've certainly been booed before, been booed heavily...I guess I think minimally about it. And I never say never. John [Cena]'s never happened, and I think rightfully so. I think what we got there, we look back at now and realize, I was just watching him vs. Umaga the other day, you see the magic of what John was able to do. With the time I have left, contract-wise, I don't see it. But again, never say never. Absolutes are the worst thing in sports entertainment and pro wrestling," Rhodes revealed.

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Given that WWE already has a big, bad guy in Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes could emerge as the friendly neighbourhood babyface that goes along well with the fans. But a heel turn will certainly add a bit of an intrigue.

13:59 IST, May 2nd 2024