Published 14:37 IST, February 14th 2024

WWE news: Brock Lesnar's FIRST UPDATE with daughter since Vince McMahon allegations GOES Viral

Brock Lesnar's noteworthy first update with his daughter following Vince McMahon allegations sparks a viral response within the WWE community.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
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Brock Lesnar and his daughter | Image: WWE, Instagram/markrigney

In the wrestling community, Brock Lesnar has remained quiet following the latest claims made against former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. The Beast Incarnate, however, looked very different from his previous on-screen image when he recently appeared in public at a non-wrestling event.

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Brock Lesnar appears in public in his daughter’s shot put competition

Lesnar faced Cody Rhodes in a much-awaited match at WWE SummerSlam 2023, which was his final wrestling encounter. After losing, Brock unexpectedly shook The American Nightmare's hand in front of the crowd. Brock Lesnar was supposed to return at the Royal Rumble, but those plans were apparently shelved because to rumours that connected him to Vince McMahon's ongoing legal problems.

The former Universal Champion was allegedly stripped off the cover of 2K24 and the WWE entrance film after creative ideas involving him were apparently shelved in the wake of the allegations.


Mya Lesnar, the daughter of Brock Lesnar, recently made an appearance in a shot put competition and accomplished another incredible achievement with a throw of 19.7 metres. Instagram users were moved by a touching photo of The Beast Incarnate holding his daughter, which was taken by sports photographer Mark Rigney.

Lesnar had a shorter hairstyle and was photographed wearing spectacles at the event. And some white hair in his beard marked a change from SummerSlam, emphasising a remarkable change.


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After it seemed that Brock Lesnar was involved in the most recent lawsuit against Vince McMahon, speculation over his future in the WWE has grown. The likelihood that The Beast Incarnate will make a comeback to the Stamford-based promotion is dwindling, given his absence from both the game's cover and the company's iconic opener.


WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff offered his opinion on the matter on a recent episode of 83 Weeks, speculating that Brock Lesnar would decide to prioritise his farm above a comeback to revive his wrestling career. Eric Bischoff said: 

''If you're physically capable of doing it, whether you love the business or not, if you're smart, you'll do it. Stack that cash, go buy another farm, go buy another one of those $700,000 John Deere tractors or whatever they are, plant more potatoes or soybeans or whatever it is you do on your farm. That's what I would think Brock's going to do. I don't think there's any motivation on his part to try to resurrect his career," 

14:37 IST, February 14th 2024