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WWE Superstar and former World Champion arrested for possession of drugs in Florida - Reports

A WWE superstar and former World Champion, who is currently off-tv, was arrested during a traffic stop in Florida, United States.

WWE Superstar arrested | Image: AP/WWE

A WWE superstar and former World Champion has been arrested by the law enforcement authorities in Florida, US, as the person was found in possession of drugs. Injured wrestler Liv Morgan, who is also a former Tag Team Champion, was found in possession of drugs during a traffic stop, which led to the authorities arresting them for having unauthorized substances with her in the car. 

Three things you need to know

  • Liv Morgan is a WWE Superstar
  • Morgan is a former World Champion and a former Tag Team Champion
  • The WWE Superstar was arrested by the authorities for possessing drugs

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Liv Morgan arrested by Florida Law authorities, mugshot released

WWE Superstar and former World Champion Liv Morgan (aka Gionna Daddio) was arrested on Thursday in Sumter County in Florida with drug possession and marijuana possession charges, as per Villages-News.com. The reports offered a police report in which Daddio was arrested at a traffic stop by the sheriff's deputy. The report mentioned: 


"Daddio was driving a yellow Jeep at about 6:30 p.m. Thursday on County Road 476 when a Sumter County sheriff's deputy noticed the vehicle crossed over the yellow and white lines on the roadway "several times," according to an arrest report. When the deputy approached the Jeep, the odor of marijuana was detected."

"A small plastic bag containing marijuana was found in a pink fuzzy bag in the vehicle. A vape pen containing an oil-like substance was found in the Jeep's center console. The substance tested positive for marijuana."


Morgan was booked on Thursday at the Sumter County Detention Centre. Her mugshot was also made public. Later that night, she was let go after paying a $3,000 bond.


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Liv Morgan has been off-TV as she is suffering with an injury that she sustained in a July episode of WWE RAW. She had came off a shoulder injury, only to suffer another one. It led to Liv and her tag team partner, Raquel Rodriguez, vacating the WWE Women's tag team Championship titles. Morgan is yet to return in WWE, but her latest troubles 


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