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Xiaomi launches Rs 1,00,000 mobile phone model in India, check details

While the premium segment remains a focus for Xiaomi, the company acknowledged the importance of the Rs 10,000–25,000 smartphone segment in driving growth.

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Xiaomi premium smartphones India | Image:Xiaomi

Xiaomi 14 series launch: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi unveiled a strategic shift towards premiumisation with the launch of its most expensive devices in India. The Xiaomi 14 series smartphones, including the flagship Xiaomi 14 Ultra priced at Rs 99,999 and the Xiaomi 14 priced at Rs 59,999, signify the company's ambitious move to cater to the burgeoning aspirations of Indian consumers.

Muralikrishanan B, President of Xiaomi India, outlined the company's multi-year strategy to position itself as the preferred choice for aspirational Indians seeking cutting-edge technology. He emphasised Xiaomi's commitment to total premiumisation across its business operations and integration of smartphones into the AIoT (Artificial Intelligence-based Internet of Things) ecosystem.


"The market dynamics are evolving with growing GDP and increased disposable income. Our goal is to tap into the aspirations of Indian consumers and pioneer a smart lifestyle with our innovative offerings," stated Muralikrishanan B.

Highlighting the significance of the 5G era, Muralikrishanan underscored the convergence of devices and the emergence of a connected smart lifestyle. He emphasised Xiaomi's focus on delivering seamless experiences to consumers, leveraging the potential of AI and IoT technologies.


While the premium segment remains a strategic focus for Xiaomi, Muralikrishanan acknowledged the continued importance of the Rs 10,000-25,000 smartphone segment in driving business growth. Despite the push towards premiumisation, Xiaomi aims to maintain a balance between catering to diverse consumer segments.

Collaborating with renowned German camera company Leica, Xiaomi aims to enhance the photography capabilities of its devices. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra boasts a professional 50-megapixel quad-camera setup, coupled with impressive features such as 1.6 days of usage, a robust 5000mAh battery, 16GB system memory, and 512GB internal storage capacity.


The Xiaomi 14 series is slated for mass sale, with the Xiaomi Ultra hitting the market on April 12 and the Xiaomi 14 available for purchase starting March 11.

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