Adverts Within WhatsApp Apparently Set To Be A Dreadful Reality Next Year


WhatsApp ads could come in 2020.

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Advertisements in WhatsApp could dreadfully finally become a reality in 2020. The annoying could be found in the status section within the WhatsApp accounts. 

Now, as per Matt Navarra who calls himself a social media industry commentator and consultant, ads would come to WhatsApp Status in 2020. Navarra’s tweet has also been cited by TechCrunch which also states that the decision to seed ads to WhatsApp Status was announced at the annual Facebook Marketing Summit in The Netherlands in a presentation.  

Gauging the images shared by Navarra (photographed by Olivier Ponteville - head of media at BeConnect Digital Agency), it is imminent that ads would take up substantial area of the phone’s screen; however, details regarding the placement of ads within WhatsApp statuses are not available now. But there could potentially be the emergence of ads on WhatsApp next year.  

Also, details on the origin of the ads (company/service provider’s name) would reportedly be displayed at the screen’s top end. At this juncture, what is important is the fact that so far WhatsApp for consumers has been ad-free, it is not known if the above enhancements with respect to ads are applicable to the consumer version of WhatsApp as well.  

As far as WhatsApp for Business is concerned, the variant of the instant messaging app would reportedly get enhanced messaging format selections. The exact date and time in 2020 for ads to appear in WhatsApp is also yet to come to the fore as of now. In this regard, do share your thoughts on how you perceive the potential WhatsApp ad threat.  

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