After Being Open Sourced, Windows 10 Calculator Getting The Ability To Generate Graphs For Mathematical Functions - To Enable Better Learning Of Algebra

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • A Graphical Calculator for Windows 10 users makes sense at this point in time
  • Students could solve complex mathematical equations and potentially learn Algebra

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Calculator which was recently open sourced and added on GitHub to enable you to contribute to the project, could now be getting its first enhancement in the form of a graphing mode that is aimed at making learning Algebra easier. This means that the Calculator app would support operations such as trigonometric functions, interpreting algebraic functions, and more.

At this juncture, the Windows 10 Calculator app is still short of assisting students as far as supporting various mathematical syllabi-related operations are concerned. These functions are proposed to be incorporated within Windows Calculator by keeping in mind the academic requirements of students in grades 8 till 12.

The biggest USP of the graphing functions is their ability to generate graphical representations of various algebraic equations and formulae. “Physical graphing calculators can be expensive, software solutions require licenses and configuration by school IT departments, and online solutions are not always an option,” believe engineers behind the Windows 10 Calculator open-source project at Microsoft.

Also, it has been reported that Graphing Calculator also topped the list of the most requested new functionality to be incorporated within the Calculator. Hence, it makes apparent sense for the devs at Redmond to consider incorporation of a user-friendly feature within the Calculator project.

“Users can see traceable key graph features (KGF) as nodes/dots on the equations, and summon other KGFs in a list so that they can better understand the important features of a given function.,” add devs in an official post on GitHub.

In this regard, if you are a developer desirous of checking out the Calculator app, click here to navigate to GitHub now. Also, check out below the various ways in which you could contribute to Calculator (open-sourced):

  • Detect, report, and fix issues
  • Come out with newer inputs
  • Prototype newer features/ functionality
  • Get involved, in GitHub Forums, in multiple discussions
  • Integrate with engineers and app developers towards making the overall Windows Calculator project better.

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