Microsoft Windows Calculator Now Open Sourced: Check Out How You Could Help Develop The Project

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  • Microsoft's Windows Calculator is now open source
  • If you are a developer, you could contribute to the development of UX

Microsoft's Windows Calculator is now open source which means that if you are a developer, you could contribute to the development of user experience (UX). The source code of the Windows Calculator is available on GitHub.

This means that it is now possible to combine the user interface (UI) of Calculator with the applications developed by you, along with being able to develop the app itself for Windows. Your contribution to the development of Calculator would get due recognition.

“Our goal is to build an even better user experience in partnership with the community. We are encouraging your fresh perspectives and increased participation to help define the future of Calculator,” states Microsoft in an official blog post.

How you could specifically contribute to Calculator?

Below are the ways in which you could contribute towards the development of Windows Calculator:

  • Reporting and fixing known issues/problems
  • Suggesting newer ideas
  • Newer feature prototyping
  • Involving in discussions on GitHub - Forum
  • Integration with engineers and app developers towards better developing Windows Calculator.

How to get started?

To get started with contributing to Windows Calculator, you could navigate to the official Windows Calculator open source project on GitHub.

Once in GitHub, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your computer is updated with Windows 10, having version 1803 and or newer iterations.
  • Then, proceed to installing the newest Visual Studio; once done
  • Install the "Universal Windows Platform Development" workload
  • Install the optional "C++ Universal Windows Platform tools" component
  • Install the latest Windows 10 SDK
  • Install the XAML Styler Visual Studio extension
  • Extract this code:: git clone
  • Launch src\Calculator.sln in Visual Studio to build and run the Calculator app.

You could also check out these customized guidelines in order to familiarize yourself with being able to contribute to WIndows Calculator. This is irrespective of the amount of contribution.

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