Bangalore-Based Woman Gains Over Rs 1 Lakh Playing Mobile Games On MPL


Ibakodor K Lynser, a Bengaluru resident, has reportedly won more than Rs 1 lakh on the Mobile Premier League (MPL) eSports platform.

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Ibakodor K Lynser, a Bengaluru resident, has reportedly won more than Rs 1 lakh on the Mobile Premier League (MPL) eSports platform. She is now said to be a hero among the MPL gamer community and an apparent inspiration for other women gamers.

Here, it is worth noting that playing MPL is very easy and players have the added benefit of using their earnings to achieve their goals. As far as Lynser is concerned, she stated, “I wanted to be financially independent, even as a student. The idea of winning money motivated me to play regularly and improve my gaming skills. I realized that I enjoy playing mobile games and it made complete sense to utilize my skills to earn money from my hobby.”

She also stated that her curiosity made her download the app and start gaming. Lynser now feels her life has changed after MPL. She has found an alternative source of income by merely turning her passion into profits. Her popularity has won her many admirers. Today, after completing 770 tournaments on the app, Lynser is one of the top scorers of MPL. Besides winning cash and other rewards she also won a chance to meet one of her favourite celebrities through MPL.

“MPL has given me a new identity and confidence. I no longer worry about not having enough money to cope with the growing expenses of living in the city. My lifestyle has improved and I am finally living my dream. I want more and more women gamers to try out MPL. The games on the app are simple and easy to win; anyone and everyone can win big on MPL,” added Lynser who has since completed her studies and is currently pursuing a teaching career.

It took regular practice for her to achieve this feat. “Just like any other skill, you need to practice and try to improve after every game” she added. Fruit Dart, which is one of the most popular games on the app, is Iba’s personal favourite too.

Lynser still remembers her first win on MPL and how she literally jumped around her room with joy and excitement. She has a bucket list of things to be done, with her future earnings on the MPL app.

MPL is currently available to millions of users from across India and aims to break barriers of age, skill levels and region by making mobile gaming more accessible. Gamers can participate in a range of skill-based mobile games and compete with over ten of thousands of players in 1v1 or tournament style player formats. Users can download the app on MPL Live or the Google Play store and App store.

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