Black Friday 2018 Deals: Forza Horizon 4 For Xbox One At $40, And More – Where To Check Out


Black Friday 2018 game and console deals.

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Forza Horizon 4 and more Black Friday Deals: Check out

Black Friday 2018 is almost here, and this year there are deals offering the best of both gaming hardware and games. If you are a gamer in the US looking at availing Black Friday deals, check out below offers which could possibly go live during Black Friday Week across major retailers:

Catchy Black Friday 2018 game deals:

  • 1TB Microsoft Xbox One S at $199: Walmart would offer a White Xbox One S Minecraft Creators Bundle for as low as $199. This hardware has been a recent release and off Black Friday prices would go up to as high as $300. The deal goes live in the next 48 hours.
  • 1TB PS4 Spider Man bundle at $200: As per a BestBlackFriday listing which quotes a GameStop Sneak Peek ad, the 1TB Sony PS4 Spider Man Bundle would retail for $199.99; this represents a significant reduction when the console’s regular price of $299.99 is taken into consideration.
  • Uncharted The Natan Drake Collection for PS4 - As per the listing, the game would be available at $9.99 on GameStop. You could check out the e-talier as and when Black Friday approaches.
  • Detroit Become Human at $20: The leaked GameStop ad also potentially indicates that the Sony PS4 variant of Detroit: Become Human would be avaiable online for $19.99; $40 lesser than the game’s regualr price tag of $59.99. 
  • Horizon Zero Dawn at $9.99: Gamers can check out if the Horizon Zero Dawn for Sonly PSS4 e-tails for $9.99 as part of Black Friday deals. As of now, the game is available at its regular pricing of $19.99.
  • God of War at $30: The PS4 version of God of War should be available for purchase for as low as $29.99 during Black Friday Week on GameStop. 
  • Forza Horizon 4 for Xbox One at $39.99: This represents a $20 savings over the game’s regular price tag of $59.99.
  • State Decay 2 for Xbox One at $19.99: The game is apparently set to retail, for Black Friday, at $19.99; on GameStop. Regular pricing of the game is $39.99.
  • Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot VR for PlayStation VR - The leaked ad on GameStop indicates that the VR bundle would reportedly retail for $250; representing a $100 discount from its regular $350 price tag.

Finally, the Black Friday deals could vary as and when we are nearer to the actual day. Gamers could keep their eyes and ears open.

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