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Eden Tomorrow Playstation VR Demo Coming Soon On PlayStation Store, For PS4 Gamers

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:


  • Eden Tomorrow is slated for a Spring-2019 release
  • A demo would be available in the PlayStation Store from early January

Certain PlayStation VR exclusive games are slated to hit the PlayStation Store in January which means that gamers owning Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) consols could have lots to cheer about. These PSVR games would seed to the PS Store in the form of a demo; for PS4 users to check out.

Now, the PSVR demo is reportedly slated to be seeded to the PS Store as early as in January 2019; and the first PSVR exclusive title would be Eden Tomorrow that is slated to be released during Spring this year, and falling into the Single-Player Adventure category. Hence, if you happen to possess a PSVR and the dual shock controller, do check out the demo of Eden Tomorrow from early January.

As of now, the exact dates for the seeding of the PSVR demo to PS Store is yet to surface, but PlayStation gamers could keep a watch for the new update. As far as Eden Tomorrow is concerned, it should do a world of good for PSVR users to check out, important aspects related to the game, below:

  • Sci-Fi  in-game adventure in unknown “foreign” in-game worlds
  • Single Player mode supported
  • Players take up the role of an astronaut, navigating the vagaries of an alien/unknown planet
  • Eden Tomorrow is playable on PS4 consoles, with the PSVR

In related news, the all-important Sony PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, and PSVR have received price cuts in India, and these consoles are available at the new/reduced prices. Major Indian e-tailers viz Flipkart, then Amazon, have put up these Sony game consoles at the new prices. At this point in time, it is not known if the devices are selling at reduced prices within the physical retail stores as well. As of now, the e-tailers seem to have taken the lead as far as slashing prices are concerned. Hence, if you are a prospective user of the Sony PlayStation console, do verify the new price reduction aspects.

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