Google Duo Group Calling Now Letting You Add All Your Family Members, Check Out How

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Google Duo group calling now lets you add up to 8 people in a video call
  • Google Duo is also updated with data saver and video message functionality, among others

Google Duo Group Calling with all your loved ones across the globe is now live and this is applicable to both Google Android as well as Apple iOS devices. With this, it is now officially possible to initiate Duo group calls with as many as 8 people at the same time.  

Rollout, of Group Calling on Google Duo, now seems to be on an extended path because the feature had rolled out earlier to only some countries of the world. Along with the group calling functionality, there is also the Data Saving mode that should save data not only for the person initiating Duo group calling but also on the recipients’ end. This should potentially result in a win-win for both the Duo group calling initiators as well as the intended recipients.  

Then there is the functionality that allows you to leave a video message in case your recipients refuse to answer your video calls. At this point in time, it is worth updating your Google Duo application and check if you could add up to 8 people and communicate through video. This is live for devices driven by both the Android as well as iOS operating system platforms.  

Finally, you could add emojis and personal messages to your videos on Google Duo. You could also use custom brushes to make graphical representations of your messages to your intended recipients.  

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