Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumours Surface Non-Stop, Get Loyalists Interested Than Ever, Check Out Twitter Reactions To GTA 6 Speculations


Is there a GTA 6 in the pipeline? What do you think?

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:
A screen from GTA 5

It is no secret that the speculated Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) has got Rockstar loyalists super charged up. Now, with new rumours appearing every day indicating apparent developments with respect to the game, the latest one points that the setting of the game would be across multiple cities encapsulating Liberty and Vice cities.  

Irrespective of where GTA 6 is set in, the game itself is of importance considering the fc\act that the current-gen variant – the GTA 5 has turned out to be extremely popular and continuing to witness latest updates. In this regard, though what is known about GTA 6 are only rumours, these have got GTA loyalists interested than ever before. Check out below some reactions from GTA loyalists on GTA 6, via Twitter: 


With GTA 6 anticipation certainly at an all-time high, it is desirable that you keep your emotions under control but remember to state what you expect in case the game goes official. It would also do a world of good for the game to become exclusive to next-gen variants of the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation consoles.  

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