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How To Change Language On Amazon? Learn How To Change Your Language Preference

How to change language on Amazon? Here is an extensive and simple guide on how to use Amazon language settings.

how to change language in amazon

Amazon is a vast site with numerous pathways and links. It becomes hard for many people to navigate through the site if it is not in their first language. This is why some of the many versions of this e-commerce website are available in multiple languages. For example, is available in English and Spanish. Here is an extensive guide on how to change the language on Amazon.

Amazon language settings: How to change language in Amazon

Step 1: Search for the globe icon.

Open any version or extension of Amazon website (For example or On the top right corner of the page, near the search bar, the globe icon can be located easily with a two-letter code. The code refers to the language of the website. If there is no globe on your version of the website, then it is probably because you are on one of the Amazon sites that only has a single language offering such as which is only available in one language.

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Step 2: Change the language.

To change the language, just hover over that little globe, and you will see a list of all the available languages coming up. One can also choose to click on it for the Amazon language settings page to open. Select your preferred language, then confirm the changes.

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Step 3: How to change the language back to English on Amazon?

Sometimes people tend to select wrong languages or the selected language becomes confusing for the user to operate. Do not worry, you can change the setting back to English even if you are unable to understand the chosen language. Just repeat the process by hovering on the globe as the icon does not change its place. Select English and then hit Confirm. You are back to English as your site language.

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Versions and Extensions of Amazon according to the country and region

Country or region

Language URL
Australia English

Brazil Portuguese

Canada English, French

China Standard Chinese

Egypt English, Arabic

France French



India English

Italy Italian

Japan Japanese, English, Chinese

Kuwait English, Arabic

Mexico Spanish

Netherlands Dutch

Saudi Arabia English, Arabic

Singapore English (prime only)

Spain Spanish

Turkey Turkish

UAE English, Arabic\

UK English

United States

English, Spanish

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